Quinn and Valor swoop into the Fields of Justice

Champion spotlight for the latest carry to enter the League of Legends lands!

The latest addition to the League of Legends is a duo bot lane to go with your duo in bot lane. Quinn and Valor, Demacia's Wings is the latest carry to swoop into the Fields of Justice. With the champion lore, art and abilities being revealed last week, the champion spotlight by Phreak has just landed on the front page. This champion comes in a patch today with a whole host of other balance tweaks, including changes to Taric, Xin Zhao, Kayle and Nidalee

The abilities as seen in the champion reveal:

  • Harrier (Passive): Valor periodically marks enemies as Vulnerable. Quinn's first attack against Vulnerable targets will deal bonus physical damage.
  • Blinding Assault (Q): Quinn sends Valor forth in a straight line skillshot. Valor stops at the first enemy struck, damaging and briefly blinding all nearby enemies.
    • Tag Team: Valor damages and blinds all nearby enemies.
  • Heightened Senses (W):
    • (Passive): Attacking a Vulnerable target will increase Quinn’s Attack Speed for a few seconds.
    • (Active): Valor rushes to the skies, revealing a large area around Quinn, including all brush and non-stealthed units.
    • Tag Team:
      • (Passive): Valor gains a large amount of Attack Speed permanently.
      • (Active): Valor reveals a large area around him, including brush and non-stealthed units.
  • Vault (E): Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing damage and slowing them briefly. She then kicks back off her target, landing near her maximum attack range.
    • Tag Team: Valor dashes to an enemy, damaging and slowing them for a brief time.
  • Tag Team (R):
    • First Cast: Quinn leaps away from the battlefield and allows Valor to take her place briefly. Valor functions as a mobile melee attacker and gains a huge Movement Speed bonus when out of combat. This bonus is decreased gradually to a smaller value when in combat.
    • Second Cast (Skystrike): Valor flies from the battlefield, allowing Quinn to return in a hail of bolts that damage all nearby enemies. Damage is increased based on how much health targets are missing. If Tag Team is not cast a second time, Skystrike is cast automatically once Tag Team ends.

The champion spotlight video with Phreak: 

For the full champion reveal check out the official page. There are already guides up on LoLKing.net, head on over and check those out!


Chris Rainey, Columnist 


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