Evolution of the Living Story

Light is shed on GW2's Living Story

Once again Angel Mccoy steps forth to reveal some more insight into the development of the living story content of Guild Wars 2.

We can expect more content at a faster pace coming at the end of March, according to Angel. The team behind the development of the living story has received an extra helping of designers, making the process easier for everyone involved.

Apparently a big issue they have been trying to avoid is the overlap of personal story and living story. If someone died in the personal story, why are they alive in the living story? Or how can someone who is at one location in the living story also be half way across the world? These are probably just small examples of things the team has to address on a daily basis.

Due to this fact they have decided to release a set of characters specifically for the living story, one norn and one charr. No further information was included about who these two mystery characters may be, although Angel made it seem as though long time fans would be in for a nice surprise.

Heralds will still be in the major cities to point you in the right direction. They have also included living story achievements to make the heralds directions easier to follow. Angel also says there will be a number of NPCs that will guide you through, the trick seems to be knowing who to talk to.

For sticking with the living stories teaser content we are being awarded with a colorful cast of characters. Many of whom are apparently of the villainous variety. One of these dastardly fellows will also be your nemesis; this character seems to be unique to each player and will be a nice little surprise when you figure it out.

More teaser content is being brought on with further advancement in the Flame and Frost storyline. You will now be able to become full-fledged defenders of the residents of the Wayfarer foothills and Diessa Plateau. You may rise, squire!

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Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery


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