SMITE God Reveal: Poseidon, God of the Oceans

Poseidon is revealed as the 31st god of the SMITE pantheon

As one of the more notable gods of Greek mythology, it was only a matter of time before Poseidon was added to the SMITE roster. Joining his brothers Zeus and Hades (as well as fellow gods Arachne, Ares, and Artemis), the God of the Oceans is the 6th god to be announced for SMITE's Greek Pantheon.

Though wielding a rather vicious looking trident, Poseidon is actually a ranged 'mage-style' god with a host of useful abilities that allow him to remain highly mobile and give him excellent crowd control. Here's a quick rundown:

Changing Tides (passive): movement and ability damage increase as Poseidon's 'tide level' increases (where tide level is increased by landing basic attacks)

Tidal Surge: damage and knock-back effect in a wide line in front of Poseidon

Trident: activates to increase movement speed and fire 2 additional shots when using basic attacks

Whirlpool: an AoE that damages and pulls targets towards it center

Release the Kraken (ultimate): damages and stuns enemies in the center of the target and also slows in a wider radius

If the sight of this beastie bursting out of the ground beneath the feet or your enemies doesn't make you want to play Poseidon, then perhaps the prospect of yelling "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" every time you use your ultimate will convince you. If you use some kind of VoIP when you play, your friends may grow to hate you, but only because deep down inside they wish their favorite god could release the Kraken too.

Of course we'd be remise if we didn't mention that Kraken is actually a Norwegian word and the more likely Greek word for 'giant tentacled sea monster' is Cetus. But really, it just doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

If you're looking to RELEASE THE KRAKEN, check out the god reveal clip below: 


To unlock Poseidon, and any other current and future members of the pantheon, SMITE is now offering the Ultimate God Pack as the ultimate unlock for a cost of $20.99. Taken from a press release today:

"Obviously, nothing changes for players who enjoy SMITE with the free-to-play model," says Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Chief Operating Officer. "But some players are sensitive to a perceived time grind with free-to-play titles and we want to give those players a simple alternative."

The pack is available on the official site.


Robert "Caergan" Gray 

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