ZAM Interview: Meet the Mechari

ZAM talks to Chad "Pappy" Moore about WildStar's machine race


In the third and final part of my interview with Carbine's Chad "Pappy" Moore, Lead Narrative Designer for WildStar, we spoke about the enigmatic machine race known as the Mechari.

You can get a good idea about the personality of these ancient machines in the in-character Q&A starring Agent Voxine over on the official site.

Having had to bite my tongue for the last week or so, it was very interesting to discover that the Mechari are not the archetypal buckets of bolts that you might expect.


As you can tell from the interview and the image of Agent Voxine, the Mechari are differentiated by gender, something I asked Chad about in our interview:

“There are absolutely female Mechari, their personality is not totally different from the males but they have their differences. That’s another thing that has been important to use, where differences make sense we try to differentiate the genders so your choice versus one or the other is meaningful. For all the races we’ve talked about so far you will have the choice of male or female.”

I asked Chad to give a background on the Mechari, who have an intriguing story as a race

that has essentially been searching for its parents, though without a true understanding of who they are:

“I can say that they were created specifically by the Eldan to go out and monitor the races in the galaxy surrounding planet Nexus. Their design is very advanced, they are sentient machines, they have free will.

The Mechari that are out in the world today, even the oldest Mechari, were activated after leaving Nexus. They never knew the location of planet Nexus; they never actually saw an Eldan directly. So even these Mechari that were created by the Eldan and who communicated with them remotely, they were never allowed to pull back the curtain and see what was behind there.

So that mystery is obviously an enduring one for all the other races in the galaxy, but even for the Mechari, and some of them did communicate direclty with the Eldan, they really don’t have any idea what they look like, what they were doing, they just know they had been created by this race and had been sent out to achieve this particular mission.

For me it’s one of the reasons why the Mechari are one of my most favorite races of all, because their story is one of the most interesting. They are returning to the homeworld of their creators but they don’t know what to expect. Will they find their creators? And if they do, what will their next mission be? Will that mission be in line with the overall agenda of the Dominion or will it be a new mission that will have to be resolved?”


Speaking to Chad, it was obvious the affection he has for the Mechari, their story and personality fitting perfectly into the narrative structure of WildStar, simple on the surface, but with increasing depth the further you wish to delve:

“I’d never really thought about who my favorite race is but when I was asked that, after thinking for a few minutes I had to admit it was the Mechari. Their story has the most complexity and I’m looking forward to revealing some of that as the game continues.”

While discussing the Mechari in relation to their mission and the Dominion, I asked Moore about the Mechari's first meeting with the Cassians and whether a part of their approach was to manipulate the self-regarding humans with a powerful form of flattery. Chad proffered that the Mechari's incredible technology combined with a singular message for the Cassians was very easy for the humans of Cassus to latch onto:

“We represent something you can’t possibly understand, but that same thing has chosen you to found this empire because of your intelligence and your ambition.”

Being singled out as the chosen ones by the Mechari, who are the envoys of the Eldan, only served to swell the already undiminishable ego of Cassus' inhabitants.

After speaking with Chad it became obvious that though the Dominion works together closely, there is a lot of scope for skullduggery and friction between the races, particularly when it comes to the faction's heirarchical structure.

The three different races in the Dominion, that have been outlined so far, have their own distinct attitudes towards leadership and steering the faction’s direction. As I spoke of in previous parts of the interview, the Draken are focused on their militaristic prowess in battle and so leave the political machinations to the Cassians, who in turn see their authority as a the rightful inheritance from the Eldan.


When talking about the leadership strecuture, I proposed to Chad that the Mechari appear to be allowing the Cassians to continue in their surefooted self-confidence, taking their place front and center under the spotlight in the Dominion; while all the time the Mechari are pulling the strings in the background through the Imperial Corps of Intelligence. While not adding any details, for obvious reasons, Chad replied:

"I think that's a very good way of putting it."

Though the Mechari are machines, I think it's safe to say that their motivations are much more personal and wider reaching than their initial purpose would suggest.

It was a pleasure to talk to Chad Moore about the wealth of story that awaits in WildStar and be sure to keep an eye here on ZAM for more Nexus news as it happens.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief




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