The Weekly Marmot

What to do with pure classes

This week in The Weekly Marmot, Lore watches the Harlem Shake. Naturally he was horrified.

As the title suggests he also looks into the future of pure classes, meaning rogues, hunters, mages, and warlocks. Lore discusses pure classes' effectiveness versus a hybrid and why pures shouldn’t be worried about losing their raid spots.


Lore continues to suggest what I would call support roles. This refers mainly to classes that could be given certain talents that could do things like allow mages to heal a little while they dps, or to allow a hunter’s pet to tank momentarily through a bosses big hits or to lower some stacks on the main tank.

Of course this would have to be implemented properly, Lore thinks they would be better off making a fourth talent tree rather than changing a current tree, like making combat rogues tank.

What do you think? Could support roles be something you could see working to give pure classes a little flavor? Or do you think a fourth talent tree would work better?

Make sure you watch next week's The Weekly Marmot, and come back to ZAM for all your MMO news.

Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery

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