WildStar: Meet the Cassian

An interview with the face of the Dominion from their personality trailer

Last week Carbine formally introduced everyone to WildStar's Dominion faction with their personality trailer. There was a white haired man who introduced us to the three known races of the Dominion as well as some of their history. Going off that trailer, one might get the impression that this man is just a pompous jerk. The new post over at the WildStar site shows there's much more to this man... well maybe not, but now he has a name: Malvolio Portius.

People who have been following WildStar for a while will be familiar with these kinds of interviews from those done for the three Exile races. Don't go in expecting Malvolio to start divulging Dominion secrets or anything we haven't read about yet, but the interview does help illustrate some of the personality traits common to the Cassians. Most of the leadership positions in the Dominion are filled by Cassians since they were the ones the Eldan picked to create this galaxy-spanning empire. After a millennium or two of running the show (or at least the Mechari letting them think they do), it makes sense that the Cassians might have a high opinion of themselves.

If you'd like to find out more about the man from the Dominion trailer or if you might be a future Cassian, head on over to the WildStar blog and read the full interview. Also don't forget to read Jarimor's interview with Lead Narrative Designer Chad "Pappy" Moore to learn more about the Cassians and the Dominion as a whole.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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