PST #115

More answers from Lore for your World of Warcraft questions

More Lore for you, readers. 

This week:

  • 0:18 - Should there be a way to relearn hard-to-get recipes once you've dropped that profession?
  • 2:32 - What's going on with healers doing DPS?
  • 7:46 - Would a stacking debuff instead of a buff work better for 5.2 LFR?
  • 11:07 - Should server first 10 and 25man achievements be separated?
  • 14:46 - Why not just make Holy Paladins use intellect mail?
  • 20:09 - Isn't Blizzard just giving PvP gear away for free in 5.2?
  • 27:53 - Is there room for pure "support" classes in WoW?
  • 34:04 - Can the game ever be balanced to where bad players you like won't be a strain on progression?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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