Orcs In Neverwinter Trailer

The hype-train is almost at full-speed with release closing in, Orcs in Neverwinter trailer released

With release fast approaching – pitched for early 2013 – the folks over at Cyptic are keeping the hype-train running with constant teasers. Today's release comes in the form of big ugly, smelly Orcs, and intense flurries of action with lots of red circles. 

Orcs In Neverwinter is the latest trailer drop from Cyptic. There is enough camera panning in this one to give you a sore neck, oh and grunts enough to give you a sore head. Sooner I get my chance to slay 20 Orc for a new Orc Bone Necklace the better. Here, have a look:  

While early 2013 is the closest we've got to a release date, the final Beta Weekend happens on March 22-24, it would be fair to estimate release should follow soon after. Head on over to the Neverwinter site to sign-up now, or pay upwards of $59.99 for a VIP Beta Weekend pass plus other goodies. 


Chris Rainey, Columnist


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