The Weekly Marmot

Lore covers saving valor for patch 5.2 and the return of class quests


In this edition of The Weekly Marmot, Lore discusses some information on patch 5.2 and sheds some light on the warlock "green fire," class quest. Lore says to not spend your valor, patch 5.2 is bringing about new faction based items, including a neutral necklace, and friendly rings, trinkets, or bracelet. All these items are item level 522 and at a reasonable 1-2k valor.

Lore also talks about class quests, in particular he gives a little insight into the upcoming warlock class quest which unlocks green fire for warlocks' fire based abilities. He also explains how class quests are better done for just one class than not done at all, especially if they do not cause imbalance or inconvenience to players that cannot complete them. If you ever got to experience the class quests like those for the warlock/paladin mounts did you enjoy the experience, or could you do without more like them?

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Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery

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