Destiny Revealed

Bungie answers speculation with details on mysterious Sci-Fi project


For months fans have been speculating on just what Destiny, Bungie's Sci-Fi IP actually is.

Rumors ranging from it being a straight Halo replacement, to even an MMO collaboration with Blizzard, have swirled around just about every avenue of social media available for years.

Details are now being revealed that can put much to rest.

First of all, take alook at this newly released ViDoc from Bungie, which outlines the storyline, the use of social media (including an iOS app it seems) and more:

As outlined in the IGN FAQ Destiny is "essentially" an MMOFPS, in that it has a persistant world, though it seems your experience when interacting with that world will be either solo or in the kind of small co-op groups that you will be used to with most console online shooters.

Instances won't just be for you and your friends though as other players can turn up in the same places. This doesn't seem to be a classic MMO in the same way as we consider them currently with shards that hold many players simultaneously, more that players will interact via a sophisticated matchmaking system where the game will place players in your instance on the fly if it is deemed to be optimal.

An example given by IGN's Casey Lynch and Ryan McCaffrey was of a small group having problems with an enemy and a solo player subsequently appearing in the same instance. The game's smart, automated matchmaking system having deemed that putting the two separate play sessions together would be best for both the solo adventurer and the group.

The first disappointing news is that it is confirmed as a console platform game only, no PC version and XBox and PlayStation players will not be sharing servers.

Lynch and McCaffrey also revealed that at least three classes will be available for your Guardian: Titan, Hunter and Warlock; so there will be a dash of magic thrown in among the Sci-Fi edge. The Titan class will apparently be the big firepower heavy weapon expert while the Hunter will be a stealthy sniper class (that'll be mine then).

The trusty fellows also talked about The Fallen, an enemy type who will be insectoid in physicality with extra arms to wield pointy things to cause problems. A space zombie race of foes will also be in evidence (perhaps something akin to Reavers from FireFly or just another example that zombies get everywhere). The enemies should have a splash of identity and variety as well as a fear factor, with a number of other races being in evidence.

There will be no subscription fee (other than the XBox Live sub of course), but you will need an internet connection to play the game.

You can pre-order the game right now.


There will be no free for all PvP to engage in (no griefing allowed it appears) but there will be the opportunity to show off your skills in other more preset boundaries as indicated by Factional Warfare (for evidence on that, check out the Matchmaking UI? section) and a competitive multiplayer mode.

Unique weapons with names can be found in the game, which sounds very cool in regard to customization which will also include the kinds of gear and vehicle options for individualising as one would expect.

Being able to change the look of your spaceship would indicate some space combat possibilities, as does the fact you can travel to any of the planets in our solar system. Unless it is a system somewhat like that of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Bungie is looking to push social integration to new boundaries as the game will be reaching out to you on the go via the app and you might even be able to help your friends in game when you are outside of the game and on the app.

Matchmaking UI?


As you can see from the screengrab above, you will be able to choose your current activity from the UI, which seems to include taking part in the game's overarcing story (broken down into chapters, with Chapter 3 Shores of Time shown in the image), weekly bonuses such as the example categorized as Bounty, a random engagement called a Strike and a Raid called Depth of Darkness. Is this a raid as we understand them in MMOs? Not necessarily but it's an intriguing possibility.

Access to the Home city hub is also in evidence.

In addition there will be Faction Wars that you can choose to jump into, with one of the factions appearing to be the FOTC, an acronym spotted on the gun barrel of a character in the video. This could be the PvP content mentioned earlier, the crossed swords icon being a strong indicator of that as it is familiar to most MMO players.

Does the Destiny reveal get you excited to jump into this new universe? What features are you most curious about? And is there anything you consider a deal breaker for you?

Let us know below.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief

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Bungie are great
# Feb 17 2013 at 5:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Halo is one of the games I grew up with, Bungie know how to create an exciting and believable universe, and Destiny quite literally is a universe--that is what excites me most. Looking at all these "MMO" aspects really excites me as well, it shows that they want to push and make something truly unique to eclipse this console generation.

It is interesting that they are developing social applications tethered to the game during the development stage, this is often an afterthought. Could they be the first to actually create a meaningful app? This will be my single console purchase this year, as was Halo 4 last year--shame Microsoft Studios ruined Halo, they should have left it to rest after Reach.

EDIT: After some quick thoughts. It is interesting that this game, coming at the end of the current generation, requires an internet connection to play... and the next generation has been touted to also require an internet connection. Personally I have a stable connection and this kind of thing shouldn't bother me, but you can't honestly expect everybody to have a stable connection, or a connection at all. When I was younger I would often stay with my father, who to this day does not have a connection, and he likes to play games some weekends.

That being said; although we haven't got the full details yet, it seems that being able to connect to others will be an integral part of Destiny. So I'll give them that. Consoles themselves, being portable and whatnot, should NOT require a connection.

Edited, Feb 17th 2013 6:44pm by Crainey
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