Camelot Unchained: Gold Farmers & Progression

Camelot Unchained boss Mark Jacobs talks Gold Farmers and Progression in blog post

A Planescape: Torment spiritual sequel looming, Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, Pathfinder Online, all of these games are possible today because of the success of Kickstarter. Camelot Unchained, from the creative team of Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, will too be hitting Kickstarter in March with aspirations of making an RvR focused, player oriented game that strays off the beaten path. 

With the announcement fresh there are many questions, a few days ago we asked Mark Jacobs some that we had and on the parent studio's blog, City State Entertainment, he has been answering even more in further detail. Today, Mark looked at leveling, progression and game balance. In a bonus blog entry Mark dusted off the banhammer and expressed his hatred of Gold Farmers

With the absence of PvE and focus on RvR the big question has been how will the game handle level progression? while he didn't give a complete, moment to moment answer he did have this to say: 

"First, it means that every time you do something to help your realm it the game will note it. If you are fighting other players, crafting items, building structures in the frontiers, etc., your ruler will note the actions that you are taking to help your realm. Secondly, some of these actions may have an affect on your physical body and your stats. You may grow stronger, gain more attunement with certain magical forces, and become more proficient in one of your skills/abilities/runes/etc. or actually, the opposite at times. Thirdly, while there is not going to be a traditional leveling curve (Ding Gratz! Level 8 calling; Please deposit coins to add more health, more strength and new abilities!) but rather there will be a system that rewards you based on the combination of the actions you participated in (and more that we will talk about later) that we will substitute for the traditional system."

He concludes by teasing Monday's entry, Rock, paper, scissor, ‘Natch:

“...we’re trying to build a great RvR-focused game and we need to be willing to do some things that might/will piss some people off and Monday’s post will be a doozy.“

Speaking of annoyances, in the bonus entry “I Still Hate Gold Sellers" – Mark outlines his stance: 

"The day that I decide to sell gold in the game, the gold sellers and farmers would have a compelling argument that they should be allowed to do so also. Well, that day has not yet come and frankly, I hope that it never does. I do not hate FTP games or BTP MMORPGs, not at all; I just would rather not make a game that does not have to worry about such things in order to be profitable. That is also one of the many reasons we are going to Kickstarter for part of our funding.. the sad reality is that banning 50K accounts is not something most investors would see as a good thing.”

An RvR focused game from such a talented team sure interests me, if you too are interested you can read the full blog and more on the Camelot Unchained portal


Chris Rainey, Columnist

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