LCS Video: Brotherly Love ft. Nickwu and ClakeyD

Riot release another LCS story video featuring brothers Nickwu and ClakeyD

Keeping to their word of fulfilling eSport fans demands for story building content, Riot have released another video to develop a storyline around the League of Legends Championship teams. The last video focused on The Cinderella Story of Team MRN, this video focuses on two brothers, ClakeyD from Team MRN and Nickwu of CompLexity, formerly The Brunch Club. The two big North American underdogs everybody is talking about. 

Brotherly Love ft. Nickwu and ClakeyD: 

Hey look at that, both teams are playing today in the LCS!

Team MRN will take on eSports veterans Team Dignitas tonight at 1PM PST.

For more information on LCS, including current standings, broadcast schedule and live-streams, head on over to the official League of Legends eSports portal! North American games are broadcast Thursday and Saturday while European games take place on Saturday and Sunday. 


Chris Rainey,  Columnist


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