Road to the MLG Winter Championship Continues

A full week of eSports content across 3 titles with MLG

With just over a month to the Winter Championships in Dallas – happening on March 15-17 – the competition is heating up. This week on the Road to the Winter Championships we will see some of the top European StarCtraft players duke it out for their place on the Winter circuit. If StarCraft isn't to your liking there is also Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and League of Legends competition. 

The StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Winter Season Showdowns continue tonight at 5PM ET, Polish superstar Nerchio will face off against Danish hero-Toss BabyKnight, commentators Axslav and Axeltoss will also reveal the caster line-up for the Winter Championships. In the days following we will see Stephano vs. Titan, Mana vs. Bly, Socke vs. Thorzain and Ret vs. Feast. Following the Winter Season Showndowns is MLG Commentator Axslav with Rules of Engagement, where he teaches you how to play StarCtraft II, geared for both new and veteran players.  

In addition, The Winter Championship will be streamed for free in 720p HD with details for the 1080p option coming soon. And to avoid conflicting schedules, MLG have announced in advance that the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA, will be happening on June 28-30. 

Starting Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM ET, Chris Puckett and guests will be showcasing the top North American Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 teams competing for 12 spots in the Winter Championship's Championship Bracket. Join them on Teusdays and Thursdays leading up the Winter Championship in Dallas. The regular Call of Duty GameBattles matches & Pro Scrims will continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7PM ET. 

For the MOBA players, there is also the League of Legends broadcasts. The Rising Stars Invitational will continue Monday through Wednesday at 8PM ET, featuring four of the top up and coming teams in a single-elimination best-of-3. Then on Thursday at 8PM ET, following Riot LCS (NA), the winner of the Rising Stars Invitational will face-off against the previous weeks title holder for a cash prize of $500. The week concludes with Champion Training, Friday at 8PM ET, where top players break down their pro-level gameplay with MLG analysts. 

That's a lot of eSports, and if you want to be part of it the Spectator Passes for the MLG Winter Championship in Dallas are on available online now! You can find the full broadcast schedule on the official home of MLG eSports


Chris Rainey, Columnist 

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