Ask Zenimax Anything: Variety Pack

Zenimax tells all in this biweekly Q&A

There was another biweekly Q&A yesterday regarding The Elder Scrolls Online. This time things took a new turn, the questions were no longer about a specific part of the game, you could literally ask anything.


Since people could ask questions about all different facets of ESO we have a much wider range of new information, which is always a good thing. This week's questions range from lore and history questions pertaining to the Orcs, Redguard and Dwemer; to class balance between factions -- because we all know the Aldmeri dominion is going to have all the cool mages. Some questions that piqued my interest involved the potential of quests involving the daedric princes/princesses, and that some classic weapons will surely be returning to Tamriel.

Read the full story here, and make sure you come back to ZAM for all your Elder Scrolls Online news.



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