Neverwinter: Show Your Devotion

Cryptic unveils the Devoted Cleric with new screens and class video


For anyone that watched the ZAM livestream of The Cloak Tower dungeon delve, it will come as no surprise that the latest class to be confirmed for Neverwinter is the Devoted Cleric.

From personal experience I can say that this class is extremely useful for groups as well as being flexible enough to be viable for solo play.


To give you a good idea of what the class will bring to the table, Cryptic has produced the video below to outline the class' mechanics and abilities to help you keep your party alive in dungeons or help smite oncoming miscreants.

By making smart decision on when to implement your powers depending on the situation, the Devoted Cleric can dish out AOE damage, buffs and single target heals and DPS.

The first of three beta weekends is underway so head on over to the official site to get a shot at a beta key or buy a Founder's Pack to be guaranteed access.

For my personal first impressions on the Devoted Cleric, I played the initial levels on a livestream recently, which you can watch below:

Watch live video from zamofficial on TwitchTV

Also, keep an eye on the ZAM Official twitch page and like us for when we go live streaming the Neverwinter beta.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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