GuildCast 60: Flame and Frost

GuildCast looks ahead to the February update coming to Guild Wars 2


This week on GuildCast, Colin Johanson has things to say about Guild Wars 2 WvW.

According to Colin Johanson Guild Wars 2 WvW updates are on their way!  The down side is that they are holding off on pushing them until March to push them because of the massive amount of testing that will have to be done.  In march we will see the release of the WvW progression system, new ranks that will be visible to all other players and new specific abilities and bonuses.

Other systems that are being worked on for the Guild Wars 2 WvW are culling, short term goals and general polish.

NCSoft's Q4 2012 Earnings!

Guild Wars 2 is doing pretty good things for NCSoft’s bank account.  According to the earnings report the game accounts for 45% of the company’s quarter 4 sales.  It looks like the game has a good chance for long term growth.

Stat combos!

Good news guys, ANet does plan on adding more stat combos to existing ascended items!

All of this, plus your viewer question on this episode of GuildCast.  And as always, if you missed last week’s episode, feel free to check it out here.



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