E-Sports Web Reality Series GameCrib Featuring TSM

CBS Interactive Games Exec reveals Web Reality Series featuring LoL Team TSM!

E-Sports is moving faster than ever right now, with the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) kicking off this week, premier North American team TSM (Team Solo Mid) have announced a partnership with CBS Interactive and Qualcomm to produce a weekly Web Reality Series, GameCribs. TSM – now TSM Snapdragon – will star in their own Web-Series set in their San Francisco Bay Area Gaming house. 

The show will run from February 20 through June 14 and will be live-streamed on CBS Interactive's own GameSpot.com and partner Twitch.tv. In an interview with Forbes, CBS Interactive Games Exec David Rice said, “GameCrib could do for eSports online viewing what The Real World did for MTV.”

This is all great news for eSports. The biggest news is perhaps the introduction of a new major sponsor to the scene, Qualcomm, who will join the likes of Intel, Samsung, Monster and Red Bull as supporters of the gaming phenomenon. 

Question is, will the show be any good? Well. CBS Interactive certainly has the production power to produce good quality content, and TSM are arguably the most popular North American team. Another interesting factor, the team is run by two brothers, Andy “Reginald” Dinh and Dan “Dan Dinh” Dinh – I'll come back to why this is important.

Even more interesting is that there has been speculation of a second TSM squad, something Korean teams first adopted and since Western teams in the run-up to LCS. The second squad acts as both the compulsory sub players for LCS and as a practice partner. In TSM's most recent video, a walking tour of their new gaming room by Dan Dinh, it was noted that there are 16 computers for a potential three teams. 

Dan Dinh stated they would be bringing other teams over to practice against, this combined with the potential for each TSM squad to be led by one brother each, could make for some quality entertainment. While none of that is official as of yet, it wouldn't be a surprising move from a team who now have the financial backing of both CBS and Qualcomm, did I mention they also picked up new sponsors Kingston HyperX and Corsair? It's safe to say things are looking good for Team SoloMid. 

To read the full exclusive interview with David Rice, head on over to Forbes. Be sure not to miss the LCS, which starts Thursday 7 at 1PM PST, video feed, match schedule and more information can all be found on the official League of Legends eSports website. 


Chris Rainey, Columnist


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