Eldevin Marches Toward Closed Beta

Browser-based MMORPG 8 years in the making gets one step closer

There's a new browser-based MMORPG in town, and its name is Eldevin. Well, technically it's not actually in town yet - it's headed into closed beta. But we do have the next best thing, which of course is a brand-new gameplay trailer!

According to the release, "Eldevin is a new story-driven game, set in a corrupt fantasy world on the precipice of all out war. Players can join the Eldevin army, or the Mages of the Arcane Council, in a quest to recover the magical artifacts, which have taken the kingdom to the edge of disaster."

Sounds like quite a setup. But don't let the fact that it's a browser game fool you, no sir. There are 14 professions, over 100 abilities and 200 talents to learn, not to mention "several hundred different items, which can be collected or crafted by players within the game."

Eldevin is being developed by Hunted Cow, a small indie developer with a lot of passion for the genre. Studio Manager John Stewart had this to say:

“Eldevin is our flagship project. We're a small indie developer but we've been working on this game for the best part of eight years now. As huge MMO fans ourselves, our goal was simple – to build the best massively multiplayer online role playing game on the market. We're incredibly proud of what we've accomplished and we're ready to find out what players think of the game."

The Eldevin closed beta test launches in March. Players wishing to join in on the fun should visit www.eldevin.com/beta to sign up. 


Bill "Lethality" Leonard

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