Featured Guide: Mercenaries

EverQuest II's mercs offer a helping hand when players need the extra power in combat.



Mercenaries (commonly shortened to "mercs") were introduced as one of the major features of the Age of Discovery expansion. These NPCs take up a group slot and assist the player in combat, whether it be through healing, tanking, DPS, or support. They have become a common staple to see alongside many players as they head out adventuring, but are not quite capable enough to be considered a replacement in group or raid zones with current content.

These mercenaries can now be obtained a variety of ways. Many are simply picked up at one of the player cities while others are unlocked via questing or by consuming a loot dropped item. A few mercenaries have been introduced through special means, such as the Legends of Norrath loot card merc, Noftu, or the Chains of Eternity Collector's Edition mercs, Krivik and Krivok. Players with extra platinum on hand can seek out one of the three elite mercenaries, who perform above and beyond the common tavern mercenaries.

Check out our Mercenaries guide for information on where to obtain them and much more!


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