WildStar Wednesday: Now Boarding for Arkship 2013!

Carbine begins opening the information flood gates for WildStar

Since Carbine announced WildStar at GamesCom 2010, we've learned some information about the game. Some lore, a zone or two, and a bit about combat/Telegraphs/other system design, but there's so much more that they've been keeping hush-hush about. Who exactly are the Dominion besides the enemy of the Exiles? What races make up the Dominion? What are the classes besides the three from the original videos? Up till now Carbine's been keeping their cards close to their chest, but as this week's WildStar Wednesday mentions, the answers to some of those question (and perhaps a few none of us had managed to come up with yet) will be answered in the near future.

The beginning of this new wave of information starts with your standard press events: last week in the US and this week in the UK. Carbine's spent the last two months preparing for these events, so we should start seeing details about the game showing up in the coming weeks as whatever embargos are in place expire. Carbine's not stopping there though. Fansite participation, dev chats, videos, different screenshots (I'll finally have new pictures to use for these posts!), as well as some new community activities like ArkShip 2013.

For those wondering what ArkShip 2013 is, here's the basic synopsis. Carbine is going to fly 30-40 people down to spend two days with the development team. They'll be testing out prototype features, having panel discussions about the various systems in the game, and giving their feedback about what works and what doesn't for WildStar in its current state. Carbine's already invited some fans to the event - those who've shown real concerns about the game or have strong opinions about game systems they've talked about so far. Those outside of the ArkShip will get to see some of what goes on in the event (e.g. screenshots, videos), but the rest will be stuck behind closed doors and an NDA.

If you heard about this event and are bummed that you haven't seen any Carbine-labeled letters in your mailbox, don't fret! ArkShip 2013 is just the first of many planned fan events this year and they plan to expand on the list of attendees. Want to make sure you're one of those lucky people? Make yourself known to the community. Draw some fan art. Write some fan fiction. Help out new fans by answering questions. Join in on discussions about the game, be it on Twitter, Facebook, or even in the comments here. It wouldn't be the first time Carbine talked on a fansite; we even had a few of the Community guys reply to forum posts back on WS Source.

If you'd like to know more about ArkShip 2013 or any of the other information teasing from the recent press events, head on over to the WildStar blog.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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