January Version Update Burrows into Vana'diel!

 The January version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived, and players can expect to get their hands dirty, for this new content is going subterranean! An expansion upon the Meeble Burrows battle system has been added, allowing ardent adventurers the challenge of the vast underground mazes found beneath Batallia Downs. The challenges may be fierce, but the rewards are high, ranging from new Pulse weapons to powerful new armor!

 Not interested in Meebles too much and just wanting some changes to FFXI for a more streamlined experience? How does being able to see how much inventory space you have when trading someone sound? Or do you hate that nervious feeling you get whenever you convert Dynamis currency at the Goblin NPCs, because you're afraid that you're going to trade in the wrong amount and get a synthesis material? Don't worry, that's been taken care of too!

 This version update has a little something for everyone, and if you want to let us know what you think about it, head over to the ZAM forums!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

January 29, 2013 (JST) Version Update

Meeble Burrows Additions and Adjustments

New expeditions have been added.

The new expeditions are issued by the Burrow Researcher in Batallia Downs (J-8).
*The expeditions in Batallia Downs are independent from those in Sauromugue Champaign.

"The Batallia Downs caverns" has been added as a location to which the Burrow Investigator in Upper Jeuno (I-8) may transport you.


  • A new NPC named Sokrov, with whom you can exchange wizened worms for reward items, has been introduced in Batallia Downs (J-8).
    *Sokrov serves the same function as Utrig does in Sauromugue Champaign (J-7).
  • New wizened worm exchange items have been added.
  • Trades with the following NPCs involving ancient currencies may now only be completed if the currency amount matches the amount needed to purchase items.
    Haggleblix: Beadeaux (E-7)
    Lootblox: Davoi (J-7)
    Antiqix Castle Oztroja (F-8)


New items have been added.

When trading with other players, information regarding the number of items you possess will now display while the trade window is open.

Resolved Issues

  • The following issues have been rectified:
    • The issue wherein the Spinet furnishing would not play certain songs even when placed in one's Mog House.
    • The issue wherein the damage bonus based on dexterity for the thief ability Sneak Attack would activate even when thief was set as a support job.
    • The issue wherein changing the number of character models displayed under "Misc." in the Config menu would also change the cursor position for the Icon Type setting.

Known Issues

  • Receiving the effects of Warp II, Teleport, or Retrace during a cutscene in a town occasionally skips the cutscene.
  • The item Vihuela cannot yet be delivered to characters belonging to different accounts.
  • Using the black magic spell Kaustra does not properly count towards completing "dark-based status ailment" objectives in Trial of the Magians.
  • The Abyssea-Tahrongi NM Cuelebre can become the target of melee attacks at all times under certain conditions.
  • The rate at which participants in Ballista and Brenner competitions receive temporary items remains unintentionally high under certain circumstances.
  • Absorbing the effect of a song while under the effect of a Phantom Roll occasionally negates the Phantom Roll effect.


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