Neverwinter Beta Detailed, Now Featuring Drizzt

Not Drizzt, at all.

Perfect World Entertainment has informed Kotaku of the upcoming Neverwinter Founder's program and beta weekends, and it's all your standard soon-released MMORPG affair - a $20 kit that gives you a pair of in-game backpacks with items, a $50 kit that gives you more exclusive items plus beta weekend access, and a $200 pack that gives you all of that plus a special exclusive class.

The class is the special Menzoberranzan Renegade, allowing you to play a dark elf with unique racial abilities and a panther companion. Fans of the Forgotten Realms might note this is conspicuously similar to the famed Drizzt Do'Urden, but no, that is merely your imagination. It is most definitely not Drizzt. 

Let us hope there is not an influx of weath in Neverwinter players, or this might end up happening

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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