EVE Online Sees 3000-Player Battle

One mistake results in a giant conflict that ends with over $20,000 losses

In an almost perfect demonstration of chaos theory, a small mistake by an EVE Online player gave birth to one of the biggest conflicts seen so far. Over three thousand players engaged in a frenzy of ship-to-ship combat, lighting up the darkness of space with the red glare of weapons fire.

In what some are now calling ‘The Battle of Asakai’, a small skirmish between two corporations began to escalate as allies from both sides started to join the fight. Events took a dramatic turn, however, when a Titan-class capital ship in the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) jumped to the battle instead of opening a bridge for their fleet.

Spotting an isolated Titan on the battlefield, the Honey Badger Coalition (HBC) rapidly dispatched further reinforcements, with the Pandemic Legion super capital ship fleet being among the first on the scene. CFC meanwhile responded with their own fleets and support ships, resulting in the massive conflict seen today.

According to Reddit user LG03, the conflict between the Goonswarm-dominated CFC and the Reddit-bolstered HBC had been brewing for some time. The user also estimated that some 650 billion Interstellar Kredits (ISK) of damage had been dealt to the CFC, while the HBC was nursing a smaller bill of 67 billion ISK. In layman’s terms, that’s approximately $20,000 versus $2000 of newly created space junk.

Goonswarm Federation CEO The Mittani also chimed in, stating that 3161 players took part, spanning 262 alliances and 715 corporations, making this one of the largest conflicts ever to take place in New Eden. PCGamesN also reports that the colossal scale of the battle also crashed the Dust 514 node in the region.

As salvage crews pick over the wreckage, many are wondering where the conflict will go from here. Will CFC and HBC negotiate peace, or are further battles likely to break out? With player-led action being what EVE Online is known for, anything is possible.

Source: Admiral_Dovolski (reddit, images), LG03 (reddit), The Mittani.

Via:  PCGamesN

Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer, Senior Contributing Editor


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# Jan 28 2013 at 5:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I watched the tail end of the battle on a TwitchTV livestream with some 3000 other people; on the broadcasters journey back to the area after dying there was a constant stream of 30-40 people constantly jumping then warping as far as 3-5 jumps away, absurd numbers of people. The game speed was slowed to 10% to cope with the amount of people making it nearly impossible for anybody to really do anything in real-time.
# Jan 29 2013 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Ah yes, the slowdowns that have plagued eve online's giant battles since the beginning. These days you can ask ccp ahead of time to reinforce nodes, but when battles of opportunity happen, get ready for a slideshow and lagfest.
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Quick clarification requested
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Not knowing a whole lot about this game, how was $20,000 lost? Did crashing the Dust 514 server cost that much money to repair/replace or was this something else (quantification of what virtual assets were worth compared to RMT pricing)?
Quick clarification requested
# Jan 27 2013 at 9:22 PM Rating: Excellent
Word Kludger
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You can buy Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) for real cash, which are 30 days of gametime, and then trade them on the in game market for in game currency. The value of those destroyed ships in in-game money would cost over $20k to replace.
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