January 24, 2013

Here are today's updates:

New Items: FrostwrathPolymorph Wand: Flood TelmiraRegal Starglow SleevesRegal Starglow Boots

New Bestiary: a shambling cube

New Recipes: Regal Uninfused Warhoned GlaiveRegal Infused Warhoned GlaiveRegal Starglow BootsRegal Starglow SleevesRegal Infused Tiger MaceRegal Uninfused Tiger MaceRegal Infused Viper RapierRegal Uninfused Viper RapierRegal Infused Heartblood UlakRegal Uninfused Heartblood UlakRegal Infused Stormslash HalberdRegal Uninfused Stormslash HalberdRegal Infused Elegant Dueling BladeRegal Uninfused Elegant Dueling BladeTranscendent Vicious Symbol of BelowTranscendent Vicious Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Vicious Symbol of DecayTranscendent Vicious Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Vicious Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Vicious Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Vicious Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Vicious Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Vicious Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Vicious Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Vicious Symbol of StormsTranscendent Vicious Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Vicious Symbol of ThaumaturgyTranscendent Vicious Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the Fire LordTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Vicious Symbol of the WarmongerTranscendent Nimble Symbol of BelowTranscendent Nimble Symbol of CompassionTranscendent Nimble Symbol of DecayTranscendent Nimble Symbol of DevotionTranscendent Nimble Symbol of GrowthTranscendent Nimble Symbol of HateTranscendent Nimble Symbol of InfestationTranscendent Nimble Symbol of IntegrityTranscendent Nimble Symbol of JudgementTranscendent Nimble Symbol of MalignancyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of StillnessTranscendent Nimble Symbol of StormsTranscendent Nimble Symbol of TerrorTranscendent Nimble Symbol of ThaumaturgyTranscendent Nimble Symbol of WildfireTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the BroodTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the DepthsTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the FarceurTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the SkepticTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the Fire LordTranscendent Nimble Symbol of the Warmonger

Updated Items: Dread Touched BracerDread BracerFrostwrathFear Stained Bracer

Updated Bestiary: Tunnel Slitheran ornate chest (Kael Drakkel raid)Lady MirenillaVulak`Aerr

Updated Recipes: Dreamburger ParadiseGrandiose Helm of the RevenantScorched BarbsScorched StudsScorched Chain Coif Template

Updated Achievements: Achievement: You're Not Scaring Anyone.Achievement: Appease the Gatekeeper (Mission)Achievement: Unlock the Mystery (Mission)Achievement: Hero of Brell's RestAchievement: Hero of Fungal ForestAchievement: Hero of The UnderquarryAchievement: Hero of The Cooling ChamberAchievement: Hero of KernagirAchievement: Hero of ArthricrexAchievement: Hero of The FoundationAchievement: Hero of Lichen CreepAchievement: Hero of Pellucid GrottoAchievement: Hero of Volska's HuskAchievement: Hero of Brell's TempleAchievement: Hero of ConvorteumAchievement: Appease the Gatekeeper (Raid)Achievement: Unlock the Mystery (Raid)Achievement: Conqueror of Brell's RestAchievement: Conqueror of Fungal ForestAchievement: Conqueror of The UnderquarryAchievement: Conqueror of The Cooling ChamberAchievement: Conqueror of ArthricrexAchievement: Conqueror of The FoundationAchievement: Conqueror of Lichen CreepAchievement: Conqueror of Pellucid GrottoAchievement: Conqueror of Brell's TempleAchievement: Conqueror of Convorteum


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