LolKing's Champs of the Week (With Guides!)

Some of the most popular champions with rad guides.


There's been over 100 champs in the League for some time now, but only about ten can make it into Lolking's stat lists of most popular for the week. Who's on top right as of the week culminating on the 21st? Are they strong, or just popular? Let's talk about the most picked champs, and we'll link you to good guides to help you become the best you can be.

#10 - Olaf

When you want more bang for your buck, right now the most cost-effective defensive stat is easily HP. This is why the game all-too-frequently turns into League of Warmog's, like League of Cleavers before it. And everyone's favorite jungle-turned-toplaner, Olaf, benefits immensely from anything that builds from Giant's Belt. The dude can build durable as hell and pop Vicious Strikes for nasty output. How do you deal with true damage, innate lifesteal, and free armor pen? It ain't easy.

Azilean's guide says don't even bother with Warmogs – every other item you can get, like Banshee's, Mallet, Sunfire Cape, Runic Bulwark, and Randuin's beefs him as much as Brolaf could possibly need. And, if it's more your flavor to spin the other direction, he's got a damage-oriented build and a Supportlaf build instead.


#9 - Leona

Things don't get much better than two and a half stuns. Enough burst makes her sync up beautifully with burstier carries like Graves or Ezreal. The appearance of the Flask and lack of required first-item boots has given her a far better early laning phase. And anyone who thinks they're slippery has to deal with a giant shield in the face. The only ones who really give her trouble are Corki, Ezreal, and Graves, but even then all she has to do is zone them – the threat of the Lance is enough.

Jiffree recommends getting through early laning however you can – with a cloth and wards, boots and potions, or Flask and a combination. From there, standard support, but Leona's free resistances and high CC make the Aegis all the more deadly.

#8 - Cho'Gath

One name – Katarina. Cho used to be the top lane stomper, able to pressure with ranged CC, sustain anyone, and farm up health stacks for free. But once brawly duelists started flocking to top, he lost his favor, and floated around now more as a jungler and mid laner. But when Katarina's rework came out, and she started doing absurd damage with no resource, an answer was needed – and Cho was that answer, with two short cooldown disrupts to shut down her nasty ult. And a 1k+ true damage bite became nice to have on the team. Season 3 has treated him nicely, so he's become a strong monster in any role.

Bloodthsty's guide is more a top laner's guide. Cloth shirt and pots get you by, then you build HP, AP, and tank gear, like Randuin's, Rod, Angel, and Abyssal. But he goes a slightly different angle, instead presenting Zephyr for the cheap speed, tenacity, and CDR. The more he swings, the more magic damage he does. 


#7 - Miss Fortune

It wasn't enough they made it so sexy, sassy Miss Fortune does the job she was always supposed to do with the passive and ult tweaks. The appearance of new Black Cleaver has made her a beast, able to lay down an entire area of armor reduction in only a few seconds, and her high mobility keeps her out of trouble if she doesn't get focused. And, of course, her Q hits hard, and can easily harass the carry behind the support, or vice versa. Impure shots make healing and Heal less tempting. She's all around excellent – if there weren't more fun or durable picks available, she'd be top lady, hands down.

Tremor doesn't recommend a for-sure Black Cleaver every game – instead, the standard AD carry assortment of Last Whisper, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and Bloodthirster. His builds deviate on the oddball assortment, but MF needs little other than the standard to crush right now.


#6 - Graves

Spend enough time dealing with Ezreal and you forget why someone like Graves is strong. He can easily turn around and blow your face off with three combined blasts. He scales pretty well into midgame, comes with an escape/speed steroid, and gains durability while in combat. And, thanks to the new Brutalizer/Black Cleaver, he can crush lanes even harder when he gets a foothold. All it takes is a bit of lifesteal, speed, and armor pen.

Panchie up at 2.2k elo comes with little to say with dire consequences – with Zerkers, Dancers, Cleaver, and Bloodthirster, sprinkling Guardian Angel and Quicksilver Sash; Graves gets the job done right. 


#5 - Caitlyn 

If you can't beat em, out poke em, right? Caitlyn's strong auto attacks at level one make her rough for anyone to lane against, and better yet, she's a super safe lane, with an escape slow skillshot and free pseudo-wards. If she's with a Nunu, she can jab them down in no time at all. It's no coincidence that Ezreals do pretty badly against her – the explorer's rise to popularity is partly to blame for her slow but inevitable upswing.

Envy encourages that all-out level one, with the Longsword and health potions starting, building up to all the damage items you can get your hands on – as well as that lovely, lovely Statikk Shiv. 


#4 - Nunu 

The support yeti duo has had a weird history, for a short while as a strong control jungler, when counterjungling was still in vogue. But when attackspeed and slows are your flavor, he makes a great support, especially with range bullies like Caitlyn. And given the heightened cost on Phage and Triforce (among others), he works even better with Corki and Ezreal now, especially after Ez's attackspeed nerf. It's no wonder the PBE looks to finally cut down his Blood Boil – it's almost a free Phantom Dancer.

Wisely, 2k support player PositiveRealist emphasizes stock support items building up for a Zeke's Herald, which is about as core as you can get on a support champ. And, later, Runic, Frozen Heart, Locket, and Shurelia's, to get tanky and dish out a lot of auras.


#3 - Lee Sin


His most recent nerfs haven't affected him at all. Even without the stronger W and E, he's still one of the best junglers around, with an incredible earlygame capable of surprise appearance ganks, invasions, and great dueling power. Even if he isn't quite as able to top lane as he used to be able to, he's a beast that I still ban to this day. There's some strength in Shaco's earlygame control, but nobody can top Lee Safeguarding to a ward over a wall.

YoDaTV, another Absolute Legends player, brings to us this Lee Sin guide. There's the obvious Wriggles – practically a necessity for Lee – but he's quick to comment on the use of consumable items like potions and wards, and even the new go-to AD caster item, Last Whisper. There's also a Zhonya's Hourglass in there if you feel like trolling. No, really, I'm not kidding. 


#2 - Taric

Taric's probably the Gold Standard Support. He's got a stun and burst for kill lanes, passive auras, a heal, and a debuff. He does really well against everyone, and brings a wide mix of skills. His only real disadvantage is not being quite as good at slaying as Blitzcrank or Leona, and he's not quite as good at sustaining as Soraka or Sona. And, most notably, he's very easy to play, which comes nice when someone's not a support player.

Absolute Legends' own support, Spellsy, has come and dropped his pro guide on the table, warning Tarics from Ali, Zyra, and Nunu. And once you get the early Philo, Sightstone, and Emblem, you're set for earlygame. 


#1 - Ezreal

Nothing's gonna keep this boy down. It doesn't matter how many weeks go by, or how many nerfs hit, or how much he gets banned, ever since the one-two hit of Pulsefire Ezreal and the rediscovery of Malphite happened (thus necessitating AD carries with escapes) he's been top dog. All Ezreal ever needs is a few kills and he can outscale many in terms of sheer damage potential, all while staying slippery, bursty, and still firing off that global ult. Even if he isn't really that strong, my god he is fun as all hell. 

Panchie's guide brings to the table that Season 3 kind of undid being one of the strongst Triforce carries. Instead this 2.2k player suggests running Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper, making each of his zaps hit like a bus due to raw AD rather than Triforce proc. 


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