The Elder Scrolls Online: Beta Signups Live

TESO fans can grab their chance to help test the new Tamriel


It's our Most Anticipated Game of 2013 for good reason and fans of The Elder Scrolls Online have been clamoring for every snippet of information since the game's announcement before E3 2012.

Today, news lands with a dragon-sized footprint as Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online announced that players can now sign up for the impending ESO beta.


Just head on over to the official website and register for your chance to leave your mark in the MMO version of Tamriel. I can only smugly declare that I've already played the game for a little longer -- sorry, couldn't resist -- as soon many of you will get the chance to know how good the combat feels, how wry the humor is and the good job the dev team has done in bringing Elder Scrolls to the MMO sphere.

The exact timing of the beta test will be revealed at a later date to players who register.

“We’re really excited to get the game into players’ hands,” Matt Firor, game director of The Elder Scrolls Online said in a press release today. “We receive invaluable feedback through the beta process, and that helps us ensure that the game will be one of the best online gaming experiences ever offered -- one worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.” 

One of the most fascinating systems in The Elder Scrolls Online will be the Megaserver. As I outlined in my preview of the game in November, players will not choose realms or shards at launch, instead they will be grouped in accordance to their game play choices and social groups. ZeniMax Online has developed the technology with the aim of making ESO the most socially structured and engaged MMO on the market.

Will it work? You'll soon find out for yourself.


To add to the excitement, the wizards of cinematic excellence, Blur, have put together the phenomenal trailer you see embedded below. It's something nice for you to watch repeatedly while you wait for the beta to begin.

Are you drooling in anticipation for The Elder Scrolls Online? Let us know in the comments below.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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