SOE's G.I.R.L.s Changing the Industry

Always nice to see efforts to combat sexism.

Sony Online Entertainment has run their G.I.R.L. Program for several years now, and has snagged a great interview with the program lead and Senior VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Laura Naviaux. The program is more than a job - it's something that's been dear to her, because as she says it, fifteen years ago, the scene was very different.

Over the years we've watched the games industry evolve, and now people are gaming from every walk of life because of mobile devices and the different platforms. The genres are evolving and now there's a game for everybody. So it's imperative that we have people on the development teams that are women, because you can't have 18-34 year old men making games for every type of demographic.

The whole interview is worth reading, especially for many, many of the big names in the game industry who support the program, and those who have gone on to other non-industry jobs. Keep fighting the good fight, SOE.

Julian "Mirai" Williams

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