Guild Wars 2: Throw Your Hands in the Air

It's time to celebrate as guesting is confirmed for January


Plenty of beaming smiles can be seen in Tyria today as ArenaNet confirmed that guesting will be available in Guild Wars 2 on January 28.

Martin Kerstein unveiled the happy news in a blog post today which outlines how guesting will work while confirming the end of free transfers.


The community had been wondering how ArenaNet would avoid the exploitation of guesting due to being able to hop across servers and vacuum up Orichalcum nodes or run strings of world boss events to farm exotics.

To counter this, guesting can only occur on two worlds at a time with a 24 hour cooldown. It was also confirmed that there will not be guesting across different regions, so no trips from the EU to US on a daily basis. This has raised disappointment among a number of players leading Kerstein to quickly respond with an explanation of why it isn't viable.

Transfers will require payment from the 28th, with the gem cost varying depending on the server population. Transfers will retain a one week lock-in to avoid WvW cherry picking.

Are you throwing your hands in the air and wacing them like you have no pressing concerns? Or is there disappointing news for you in the added feature?

                                                                      Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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