Gorgeous Unofficial WoW Theme Park in China

The sculptures alone.

This is more neat than it should be - an unofficial, unlicensed theme park in Changzhou, China is completely styled after World of Warcraft. It was opened last year mid summer and cost $48 million to make (probably calculated from yen, but there's no word on that). Reddit user Francesca Timbers took all these pictures, and Mashable reposted the gallery and her thoughts with permission. 

Also cool - there's a section of the park based around StarCraft. Neat all around. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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Not really WoW...
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Looks like a bunch of elements from several games. Yes, some of the architecture seems taken from some WoW buildings, but the monsters and characters are pretty different. Only vaguely "WoW" thing was the Silver Moon sign.

Still, can we just say? Oh, China...
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More like..
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This appears to be more modeled after Tera(or any other generic Asian MMO that springs to mind for you) to me. Nothing besides the bone spikes bridge really makes me think of Warcraft, at all. Maybe there is stuff in the park that we do not see on these images, but from these images alone I can't really see much at all.
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