The Secret World: Buy-to-Play is Winning

After the switch to Buy-to-Play last month The Secret World has seen a big boost in play time and sales.

The Secret World went Buy-to-Play last month, and the early signs show that it was a good choice. In a press release targeted at investors, Funcom announced a major boost in the play time and sales for the game as old players return to the game amongst the thousands of new players.

According to the report, the activity levels of the game have increased by over 400 percent with more than 70,000 new units sold in the last four weeks alone. That may not seem like a big increase in the era of World of Warcraft, but that 70,000 figure accounts for a 30 percent increase in total box sales.

The Secret World is a really good game that is a deal with the lone box fee. And as the press release says, "[Funcom] will continue to build on this initial success in the months to come."

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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