WildStar Wednesday: Interview with a Tester

One of WS's Friends & Family testers answers questions from the community

We've heard a few details here and there from Carbine about the progress being made in their Friends and Family Alpha testing for WildStar, but it's always been from the perspective of the developers or the community team. Yeah we learn new details about the game, but there's a difference between what a developer finds interesting/worth mentioning and what a general player may think. That's where today's WildStar Wednesday comes into play. Last year during a #WSUplink discussion, the community team asked for questions to give to one of their F&F testers. After gathering up those questions and sifting some out (probably all of the ones like "Can I get an invite?" and "Can you tell us about any new classes/races that would violate whatever agreement you signed to test this?"), they handed the questions off to a willing tester. Apparently there were quite a few questions left, because this week brings us Part 1 of the tester's answers.

The player's positive about the game in general, though he does mention a few areas that needed work (e.g. the map interface, precision control for double jumping). He also mentioned that the Settler path currently didn't interest him, but that was just something that didn't sync with his playstyle, hence the multiple path options available for players. He also discusses the intricacies of the telegraph system as well as some of the differences between the various class playstyles.

If you'd like to read the rest of the mystery player's replies to Part 1 of the community's questions, head over to the WildStar blog and read the rest of their post. In addition, if you'd like to participate the next time Carbine decides to take questions from the community, follow them on Twitter and watch for the #WSUplink hashtag.

It's good to read positive feedback on the current state of the alpha. I was happy with what I played when they showed it off at PAX Prime 2010, but there's been quite a few changes since that early build. They keep mentioning "what to expect in beta" and "getting ready for beta" in these posts though, so hopefully we'll have an opportunity to see for ourselves what changes have been made in the world of Nexus.

Michael "Ragar" Branham

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