Valve Sorta-Kinda-Not-Really Steambox Detailed

It's sort of like that!

This, right here, is the Xi3 Piston, a little heart to the Steambox console that's been kicked around and hinted at for what feels like ages, as reported by Time Tech. It's a modular (aka upgradeable) little beast of a techbox that allows wiring to monitors for gaming. And if this is the upcoming Steambox? It could break us out of the console-cycle we're stuck in by offering upgrades instead of brand new consoles for hundreds. 

Is it, or the $999 pricetag going to see market release anytime soon? Probably not! But in the meantime, it's fun to speculate and be teased by the heads at Xi3 and Valve at what could be coming in the not-too-distant future. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams

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Why would I buy a little box for $1k to play pc games on a big TV? I can buy an hdmi cable for $10 and do that. Furthermore, the bit about pc games being developed for the latest and greatest pc hardware is nonsense. Not all games are Crysis.

What is so difficult about upgrading parts as you need to? All you really need these days is a new graphics card every few years. Games don't really use anything else.

I will be interested to read more when details are revealed.
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