Get Ready For Defiance

Advanced Mission Beta 1 runs from January 18th-20th

If you've been following Trion's upcoming Defiance to any degree, then 2013 is really gonna start off with a bang for you - Trion announced today that the very first beta event explodes onto your screen later this month, and you can sign up right now!

"Advanced Mission Beta 1" will be the very first time players will get a peek into the universe that will be home to both the game and its companion television series starting this April. This first beta event, which runs from 8:00AM PST on January 18th through 9:00PM PST on January 20th, takes place in a futuristic (and apocalyptic) San Francisco and puts players in the role of an ark hunter. 

Wait, what's an ark hunter?  Part treasure hunter, part mercenary, ark hunters work for Von Bach Industries and are genetically enhanced operatives who are fearless and lethal, dedicated in their mission to recover valuable alien technology and sell it to the highest bidder.

Sounds like my kind of gig.

Trion says that "players who participate in Advanced Mission Beta 1 will have full access to the tutorial, the expansive terraformed terrain of Mt. Tam, the Waterfront competitive multiplayer map, and the fierce Shadow War open world competitive multiplayer and Arkfall massive co-op boss battles."

Von Bach Industries is recruiting for this event right now, and you can sign up for your chance to participate right here. In the mean time, check out the hands-on time our own Gazimoff got with Defiance recently, as well as his interview with senior producer Rob Hill

This is one to watch, folks. Get it? "Watch?" You know, because of the TV tie-in? Sorry.


Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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