WildStar's New Year Resolutions

Carbine's promises for open communication and a beta for actual testing

Carbine's wasting no time this year when it comes to giving us blog posts about WildStar. They're barely back from vacation, yet here they are with the first WildStar Wednesday of the year, laying out the community team's four resolutions for 2013.

All of the resolutions center around communication (not exactly shocking when it's from the Community team). They want to talk to everyone on their own terms. Rather than forcing people to come to their website for information, the team wants to communicate wherever the community is posting, be it in a public place like Facebook/Twitter/Reddit or somewhere less well-known like a guild's website. The team also wants to give the community a voice in the studio by bringing the fans into the process. Livestreams of design decisions, forum discussions, and even calling people about something they posted is mentioned in this resolution. They'd also like to experiment with new ways for how MMO communities work. Forums will still be there, but if anyone's got a better idea, the team would like to hear it.

Finally we come to the beta resolution (no it's not a resolution to give a date). Carbine wants beta to be a safe place for feedback. Rather than having beta be an overglorified public demo or publicity piece, they want the community to come in when their thoughts can have an actual impact on the game's design.

If you'd like to read the team's resolutions in their entirety, head on over to the WildStar blog. While you're there, you can also catch the other two posts they had over the holidays.

Michael "Ragar" Branham

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