January 2, 2013

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Warlord's Bane XVIIISong: Motlak's Lively Crescendo Rk. IISong: Kaficus' Spiteful Lyric Rk. IISong: Dirge of Salubra Rk. IISuperb Brute HideRegal Wayguard GlovesRegal Wayguard ArmbandRegal Khala Dun HelmRegal Vah Anima HelmRegal Khala Dun GlovesRegal Vah Anima GlovesRegal Khala Dun ArmbandRegal Vah Anima ArmbandRegal Khala Dun SleevesRegal Vah Anima SleevesRegal Khala Dun BootsRegal Vah Anima BootsRegal Khala Dun GreavesRegal Vah Anima GreavesRegal Khala Dun CuirassMalcontent Matt DollTwice-woven Kelp SleevesAtrebe's Kromdek CrusherAegis of HatredSolusek's EyeFay Veridium BootsMask of TearsBloody DaggerSealed Formal DocumentUnholy Stone of ProtectionBoreal Gauntlets of Carnage

New Recipes: Boreal Gauntlets of CarnageDistorted Gauntlets of CarnageDistorted Gauntlets of CarnageTranscendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Barbarian)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Dark Elf)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Drakkin)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Dwarf)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Erudite)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Froglok)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Gnome)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Half Elf)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Halfling)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (High Elf)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Human)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Iksar)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Ogre)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Troll)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Vah Shir)Transcendent Symbol/Regal Charm Patterns (Wood Elf)Unfired Timeless Coral Greatsword OrnamentCLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (large nock)CLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked Arrow (small nock)Distillate of Clarity XVIICLASS 4 Steel Drakespike Arrow (large nock)CLASS 4 Steel Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 4 Steel Drakespike Arrow (small nock)CLASS 1 Dragorn Drakespike Arrow (large nock)CLASS 1 Dragorn Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 1 Dragorn Drakespike Arrow (small nock)CLASS 5 Steel Drakespike Arrow (large nock)CLASS 5 Steel Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 5 Steel Drakespike Arrow (small nock)CLASS 3 Dragorn Silver Tip Arrow (large nock)CLASS 3 Dragorn Silver Tip Arrow (medium nock)

Updated Items: Title of the Obliteration ArmyTitle of the Light ArmyArmy of Light Shield OrnamentationArmy of Light Blade Fist OrnamentationArmy of Light Spear OrnamentationArmy of Light Dagger OrnamentationArmy of Light Great Blade OrnamentationArmy of Light Blade OrnamentationArmy of Light Staff OrnamentationArmy of Light Hammer OrnamentationTitle of the TimelessObliteration Shield OrnamentationObliteration Blade Fist OrnamentationObliteration Spear OrnamentationObliteration Dagger OrnamentationObliteration Great Blade OrnamentationObliteration Blade OrnamentationObliteration Staff OrnamentationObliteration Hammer OrnamentationTitle of the LuckyPainting: Prophecy of RoPainting Package 4Bottle of UltravisionPainting: The Serpent's SpinePainting: Omens of WarPetamorph Wand - Snow SpiderOrnamental Wall PlanterPainting: UnderfootCity of Bronze Banner - TriumvirateCity of Bronze Banner - PunishmentCity of Bronze Banner - LawCity of Bronze Banner - GovernanceBow of Flowing BloodAncient Ice StaffAncient Ice ShieldAncient Ice LongspearAncient Ice HammerCLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked ArrowCLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked ArrowCLASS 1 Drakebone Hooked ArrowAncient Ice GreataxeAncient Ice DaggerAncient Ice BroadswordAncient Ice BowAncient Ice BladesAncient Ice SpearPartisan of Flowing BloodGreatmace of Flowing BloodSepulcher Staff OrnamentationSepulcher Greatsword OrnamentationSepulcher Axe OrnamentationToken of ReclamationComplimentary Bottle of AdventureCharacter Transfer TokenWitness Protection PackPotion of DisgendermentPotion of AmnesiaAnizok's Steam EscalatorBottle of the Cetacean PackBottle of the Avian PackBottle of the Ursine PackBottle of Replenishment PackBottle of Spirits PackBottle of See InvisibleBottle of Endless AirBottle of BuoyancyBottle of Clarity PackBottle of SpeedBottle of Health PackBottle of Alacrity PackBottle of Shared Adventure IIBottle of Shared Adventure IForest Jaguar SaddleArmored Snow Puma SaddleElemental CorePlains Puma SaddleGrassland Tiger SaddleCelestial Skystrider SaddlePegasus SaddlePetamorph Wand - GooStillmoon Otsuchi OrnamentationStillmoon Yumi OrnamentationParty KegBirthday CakePetamorph Wand - SporaliButterfly NimbusGuild Writ of the SunriseDoll HouseTraveling Supplies SignTorture TrapTorture RackResplendent ChairCursed Bow of SerosGlyph of Angry ThoughtsGlyph of DestructionGlyph of CourageGlyph of Stored LifeGlyph of the MasterGlyph of Genari MightMask of the ChetariIdol of FearVeil of SorrowFear Stained BracerDistillate of Clarity XVIIVampire Mace OrnamentFear Touched GlovesGlowing Lava RockBanded Feather StreakDistorting Crystal GrimaceDisenchanted BackpackStrength of LegionsFear Stained BootsFear Stained BracerLast Light BoltersAnimated SolutionBlack Burrow StoutTome: Pinpoint Deficiencies Rk. IITome: Gash Rk. IITome: Weapon Covenant Rk. IITome: Weapon Covenant Rk. IIIElemental CoreConsigned Tunic PackageConsigned Bracer PackageSpyglassMonel Style Brick Manor, Stone interiorPalmyra Palm TreePainting Package 2Monel Style Brick Manor, Stucco interiorMonel Style Plaster Manor, Stone interiorZimel Style Stone Manor, Wood interiorHedge Maze - Right Angle CorridorPatch of Dead GrassPainting: Ruins of KunarkDoor to No Where PackageGnomish Water PistolLightning Rune Scimitar OrnamentationBrawler's Bow OrnamentationBrawler's Broken Bottle OrnamentationSolusek Ro MaceMana Forged Fist OrnamentationResplendent Dagger OrnamentResplendent Maul OrnamentStillmoon Naginata OrnamentationTitle Pack: Heroes & Villains IIPetamorph Wand - BrownieTorture CageResplendent Round TableConsigned Leggings PackageTorii ArchStone GargoyleMonel Style Brick Manor, Wood interiorMonel Style Country Manor, Stucco interiorZimel Style Plaster Manor, Wood interiorBeach BallElderwood Dagger OrnamentationAxe of Rallos Zek OrnamentationPrexus StaffStillmoon Sai OrnamentationHedge Maze - Three-Way IntersectionCheckers TablePainting: The Buried SeaPainting: Legacy of YkeshaSunflowerLightning Rune Fist OrnamentationElderwood Partisan OrnamentationElderwood Battle Axe OrnamentationBrawler's Table Leg OrnamentationMagic Supplies SignResplendent Shield OrnamentLightning Rune Pike OrnamentationRavager's Rapier OrnamentationOashim FamiliarTorture CoffinElderwood Fist OrnamentationBrawler's Sword and Board PackageBrawler's Oar OrnamentationPainting: Shadows of LuclinArachnophobia NimbusMonel Style Country Manor, Stone interiorPainting: A Shattered WorldTreant familiarBronze Brazier - PurpleResplendent Axe OrnamentStillmoon Tetsubo OrnamentationPetamorph Wand - Steamwork SoldierOpen DoorTitle Pack: ProfessionsPetamorph Wand - GnomeworkPetamorph Wand - AviakGoral Stalker SaddlePainting: Gates of DiscordTumbleweed TwigZimel Style Plaster Manor, Stucco interiorPainting Package 1Hedge Maze - Looped BorderYoung Tiger RaptorCommonlands HutLava LampLightning Shield OrnamentationElderwood Bow OrnamentationElderwood Shillelagh OrnamentationBrawler's Shield OrnamentationBrawler's Boat Hook OrnamentationRavager's Lance OrnamentationRighteous Rapier OrnamentationElderwood Sword and Board PackageBrawler's Chain Whip Dual Wield PackageMana Forged Bow OrnamentationResplendent Katar OrnamentAttendant Jalia FamiliarResplendent Spear OrnamentBait Shop SignFae Spirit NimbusTrademaster's Component SatchelPetamorph Wand - KirinTitle Pack: SpellsConsigned Boots PackageOrnate Marble FireplaceDzarn's Axe of PillagingCursed Bow of SerosBite of the Shissar XVIIISong: Silence of the Forsaken Rk. IISong: Resounding Barrier Rk. IISong: Echo of Salarra Rk. IISong: Slaunk's Chant of Poison Rk. IISong: Ameliorating Accelerando Rk. IIMirrored SashRoyal Rescue PauldronsInscrutable TalismanVengeful MaskFigment Scale BeltEthereal Mist of AcerbityEnraged Spirits VeilAlluring DrapeFear Stained Tunic

Updated Quests: Black Burrow Stout (North Karana)Braxi TroubleThe Battle for RivervaleThe Minotaur SmasherEarth, Wind and Your FuryShard Experiences

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Not a Kerran the World!Achievement: You Dirty Ratman!Achievement: Bear With MeAchievement: A Molkor?Achievement: SealephantAchievement: Don't be Shellfish!Achievement: Aquatic AllureAchievement: Quit Dragon Your Heels!

Updated Bestiary: The Hand of VeeshanMirao FrostpouchGalvanized GuardianAlpha NaeyaBanescale SerpentCobaltElsrop the CrazedPincerpestGosikSerosPolluter SlaunkA Mournful SpiritSir RaintLiving ShardNojas Blackfista conscripted gladiatora ruthless overseera wild naeyaa crystal crawlera barrel of alea ritualist of Tallon Zeka ritualist of Rallos ZekJainarNerik WolfsoulYngviea guard braxiDanelas Lockboxa scorched defenderVulak`AerrDragonbone Chesta chest (The Battle for Rivervale)


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