The Weekly Marmot - Patch 5.2 First Look

Is player housing coming to WoW? After seeing the 5.2 patch notes, Lore says Yes!

In last week's holiday edition of The Weekly Marmot, Lore took a look at the recently released 5.2 patch notes.

While he did not go through the entire patch notes list (which you can find over on Wowhead), he points out some of the bullet points that caught his eye. Included was the ability to buy the Sunsong Ranch from Farmer Yoon which will turn the your farm into a rest point where workarounds from around Pandaria will start to show up. With this being the basics for player housing, Lore went on to say that he expects to see full scale player housing in the next expansion if not sooner.

Like always you can find The Weekly Marmot along with Lore's other World of Warcraft shows PST and PST Rapid Fire right here on ZAM or over on Tankspot.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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