December 28, 2012

Here is a pile of Friday night updates for you. Have a great weekend!

New Items: Boreal Wristguard of the ConjurorBoreal Wristguard of CarnageBoreal Sandals of the Frozen FlameBoreal Robe of the Frozen FlameBoreal Sandals of CompulsionBoreal Tunic of the TenderBoreal Sleeves of CarnageBoreal Helm of the PerformerBoreal Pants of CompulsionBoreal Leggings of the TenderBoreal Robe of the ConjurorBoreal Robe of CompulsionBoreal Gloves of the UnwaveringBoreal Greaves of the LightBoreal Greaves of HavokBoreal Helm of HavokBoreal Gloves of the TenderBoreal Gloves of CompulsionBoreal Cowl of the UnwaveringBoreal Gauntlets of the LightBoreal Gloves of the ConjurorBoreal Cowl of the TenderBoreal Chestwraps of the UnwaveringBoreal Coat of the AssassinBoreal Cap of the Frozen FlameBoreal Coat of the WardenBoreal Cap of the ConjurorBoreal Boots of the UnwaveringBoreal Breastplate of the LightBoreal Boots of the PerformerBoreal Boots of CarnageBoreal Boots of the TenderBoreal Armwraps of the TenderRegal Charm PatternTranscendent Wrist Symbol PatternTranscendent Legging Symbol PatternTranscendent Helm Symbol PatternTranscendent Sleeve Symbol PatternTranscendent Chest Symbol PatternTranscendent Glove Symbol PatternTranscendent Boot Symbol PatternPhantasmic Silk Sleeve Seal of the MasterPlate Cosgrove Glove Seal of the ArcanistPlate Cosgrove Boot Seal of the Plague BringerPlate Cosgrove Wrist Seal of the PyromancerRegal Frostwarded CuirassRegal Frostwarded GreavesRegal Frostwarded BootsRegal Frostwarded SleevesRegal Frostwarded ArmbandRegal Frostwarded GlovesRegal Frostwarded HelmRegal Shadowrise GlovesRegal Dreadguard CuirassBloodstained NeckguardCold ShoulderGruden's Tool BeltDragon Scale CinctureSlagheart's TailKilt of the DestroyerDistorted Sleeves of the DivinerBurden of TruthBurden of TruthGlistening HymmShrunken Voodoo Skull

New Achievements: Achievement: Mercenary of Grelleth's Chateau, the Palace of FilthAchievement: Partisan of Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of FilthAchievement: Mercenary of Chapterhouse of the FallenAchievement: Partisan of Chapterhouse of the FallenAchievement: Mercenary of Valley of King XorbbAchievement: Partisan of Valley of King XorbbAchievement: Twelve Days of FrostfellAchievement: 5th Anniversary TaskAchievement: 6th Anniversary TaskAchievement: 7th Anniversary TasksAchievement: 8th Anniversary TaskAchievement: 9th Anniversary TaskAchievement: 10th Anniversary TasksAchievement: 11th Anniversary TasksAchievement: 11th Anniversary RaidAchievement: 12th Anniversary TasksAchievement: 13th Anniversary TasksAchievement: 13th Anniversary RaidAchievement: 13th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)

New Recipes: Boreal Gauntlets of the AssassinBoreal Leggings of the AssassinDistorted Leggings of the AssassinDistorted Leggings of the AssassinBoreal Sleeves of the AssassinBoreal Wristguard of the AssassinMask of the Tundra WalkerCrystal ScimitarCrystal HammerGreat Sword of BristlebaneRing of RememberanceWily Warlock BootsBoreal Bracer of the PerformerBoreal Gauntlets of the PerformerDistorted Gauntlets of the PerformerDistorted Gauntlets of the PerformerCLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (large nock)CLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (medium nock)CLASS 6 Bone Drakespike Arrow (small nock)Distorted Sleeves of the DivinerDistorted Sleeves of the Diviner

Updated Zones: Sepulcher WestSepulcher EastSepulcher of Order

Updated Items: Puppet Show TicketRegal Recurve Bow StringGreater DreadmoteTrappers SpauldersDread Touched HelmNecropyric TorchSwinetor Magical TrinketFractured ShardTainted LaburnumFright StoneBefouled SilkBenefactor's BootsTainted FeatherHorror GemPlanar GooSelyrah RidgeAnimal FearboneCounter-Weighted Chain SleevesDread Touched TunicScorched OreUnharnessed Soul GemDislodged Diamond of BloodSatchel of the SuperstitiousFear Touched LeggingsStaff of Endless AdventureStaff of Endless AdventureStaff of Endless AdventureStaff of Endless AdventureStaff of Endless AdventureSwan PondSinging AviaksSatyr PiperRing of the Five OrnamentNimbus of the TwoMilk MaidLord of LeapsHasty BardDance of the MacabreAviak of LayingAviak Tree HouseAviak Pull AlongContract of the Winter AviakStygian Nightmare's BowNoble Cloth Hands OrnamentNoble Chain Hands OrnamentNoble Leather Hands OrnamentNoble Plate Hands OrnamentNoble Plate Chest OrnamentNoble Cloth Chest OrnamentNoble Leather Chest OrnamentNoble Chain Chest OrnamentNoble Leather Arms OrnamentNoble Plate Arms OrnamentNoble Cloth Arms OrnamentNoble Chain Arms OrnamentNoble Leather Legs OrnamentNoble Plate Legs OrnamentNoble Cloth Legs OrnamentNoble Chain Legs OrnamentNoble Plate Helm OrnamentNoble Leather Helm OrnamentNoble Cloth Helm OrnamentNoble Chain Helm OrnamentNoble Plate Feet OrnamentNoble Leather Feet OrnamentNoble Cloth Feet OrnamentNoble Chain Feet OrnamentNoble Leather Wrist OrnamentNoble Plate Wrist OrnamentNoble Cloth Wrist OrnamentNoble Chain Wrist OrnamentDiseased Wolf Heart

Updated Quests: Trial of TortureShard's #1b: Exploring Shard's LandingCalling PhantasmZeixshi-Kar #1: Scaring Up Some InformationZeixshi-Kar #2: Indoctrination

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Welcome to Crescent ReachAchievement: Ready for CombatAchievement: Important ErrandsAchievement: Making a Name For YourselfAchievement: Becoming a HeroAchievement: Welcome to the MoorsAchievement: Battling BlightfireAchievement: Champion of the MoorsAchievement: Welcome to Stone HiveAchievement: Short Sharp StingAchievement: Welcome to the MesaAchievement: Pranks and ResearchAchievement: Moving Up the RanksAchievement: Ascending the RoostAchievement: Conquering the SteppesAchievement: Crusader of ScaleAchievement: Disrupting the MinesAchievement: Exploring VergalidAchievement: Monkey IslandAchievement: Redfeather IsleAchievement: Maiden's GraveAchievement: Jardel's HookAchievement: Deadbone ReefAchievement: Suncrest RidgeAchievement: Assisting the Ak'Anon Strike Force VAchievement: Assistant to the FangbreakersAchievement: Assistant FangbreakerAchievement: Agent of Ak'Anon Strike Force VAchievement: Herald of Oceangreen HillsAchievement: Herald of Oceangreen VillageAchievement: Champion of BlackburrowAchievement: The Army of LightAchievement: The Army of ObliterationAchievement: From the Fields to KaesoraAchievement: Storming Kaesora and KurnsAchievement: The Council of SixAchievement: Love in the AirAchievement: Boawb's JealousyAchievement: Job OffersAchievement: Two Gnolls With One StoneAchievement: Stemming the ThreatAchievement: Battling the BixiesAchievement: Makesn's PlightAchievement: Cooking With HoneyAchievement: Working for WarwingAchievement: Dorina's LoveAchievement: Madu's ArmorAchievement: Ciodaru's LoveAchievement: Bring FriendsAchievement: Ekaterina's LamentAchievement: Centaur's TroublesAchievement: Lucian's VengeanceAchievement: Adrian's CallingAchievement: While You're RoostingAchievement: Steppe Right UpAchievement: Rebuilding the PortalAchievement: Cleansing the SpringsAchievement: Rites of PassageAchievement: Assisting the CrusadersAchievement: Togswell's ExperimentsAchievement: The Depths of VergalidAchievement: Shield of the OtherworldAchievement: Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal HandAchievement: Challenges of DragonscaleAchievement: Ladies of the LightAchievement: Heirlooms and Loved OnesAchievement: Cleansing the Loping PlainsAchievement: Vrald's Lost BrotherAchievement: Purified Flawless FayciteAchievement: Disrupting the FortressAchievement: Serving the SpymasterAchievement: Initiate of Ak'Anon Stike Force VAchievement: Gearing UpAchievement: Curing the CorruptionAchievement: Defending Oceangreen VillageAchievement: Darkpaw DefenderAchievement: Cleansing the Temple of BertoxxulousAchievement: Bayle's Heraldic CrestAchievement: Infiltrating the ArmiesAchievement: Efforts of a MercenaryAchievement: From East to West CommonlandsAchievement: Refugee RescueAchievement: Blood of the FallenAchievement: Phara Dar's Grand IllusionAchievement: Intercepted MessagesAchievement: Gain Audience with Jaled`DarAchievement: Jaled`Dar's RequestAchievement: Baron Yosig's SkeletonAchievement: Wayfarer's Brotherhood Adventurer's StoneAchievement: Choosing SidesAchievement: Gift of the KeepersAchievement: Graduate of Crescent ReachAchievement: Conqueror of BlightfireAchievement: Slayer of Stone HiveAchievement: Magnate of the MesaAchievement: Raider of the RoostAchievement: Journeyman to the SteppesAchievement: Emissary of SunderockAchievement: Spelunker of Vergalid MinesAchievement: Captain o'er the Buried SeaAchievement: Explorer of Dragonscale HillsAchievement: Champion of the Loping PlainsAchievement: Strikeforce Insurgent in MechanotusAchievement: Herald of Old AntonicaAchievement: Tactician of Bloody KithicorAchievement: Defender of NorrathAchievement: Reconstructed Wereorc HeadAchievement: Model XLII Spatial Temporal OculusAchievement: Serpent Seeker's Charm of LoreAchievement: Wanderlust Guild LoadstoneAchievement: Wayfarers Brotherhood EmblemAchievement: Breakdown in CommunicationAchievement: Assistant Researcher's SymbolAchievement: Trials of Mata MuramAchievement: Slipgear's GemAchievement: Efreeti Death VisageAchievement: Katta Castrum Portal ActivationAchievement: Tsaph Katta's Urn of RejuvenationAchievement: Arena Champion's BadgeAchievement: Coldain Historical SealAchievement: Black Orb of ScrykinAchievement: Ancient Faycite Bone CircumAchievement: Blessed Celestine FayciteAchievement: Cursed Obsidian FayciteAchievement: Valthun's Memory ShardAchievement: Lantern O' WispsAchievement: Rallosian Battle FigureAchievement: Dark Soul CrystalAchievement: TimeshearAchievement: Tutorials - Out of GloomingdeepAchievement: Champion of AlarisAchievement: VeilslayerAchievement: Challenger of AlarisAchievement: Savior of Argath, Bastion of IlldaeraAchievement: Savior of Sarith, City of TidesAchievement: Alaran Language MasterAchievement: Partisan of Argath, Bastion of IlldaeraAchievement: Mercenary of Sarith, City of TidesAchievement: Mercenary of Rubak Oseka, Temple of the SeaAchievement: Mercenary of the Beasts' DomainAchievement: Mercenary of The Resplendent TempleAchievement: Mercenary of the Pillars of AlraAchievement: Mercenary of the Windsong SanctuaryAchievement: Mercenary of Erillion, City of BronzeAchievement: Mercenary of the Sepulcher of OrderAchievement: Partisan of Erillion, City of BronzeAchievement: Partisan of Rubak Oseka, Temple of the SeaAchievement: Partisan of Sarith, City of TidesAchievement: Partisan of the Pillars of AlraAchievement: Partisan of the Valley of LunanynAchievement: Partisan of The Resplendent TempleAchievement: Partisan of the Windsong SanctuaryAchievement: Partisan of the Sepulcher of OrderAchievement: Hunter of Argath, Bastion of IlldaeraAchievement: Hunter of the Sepulcher of OrderAchievement: Hero's Forge - Viridian Hero's Forge LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Violet Hero's Forge LeatherAchievement: Air CommanderAchievement: Fire MarshalAchievement: BombardierAchievement: Golem BreakerAchievement: Cool OffAchievement: FizzlemasterAchievement: Fuzzles Must DieAchievement: Big Game HunterAchievement: Tower OffenseAchievement: Healing OptionalAchievement: Army of OneAchievement: Out of My Way!Achievement: Hail to the Shark KingAchievement: Humanoid TsunamiAchievement: Demolition ManAchievement: ExcommunicationAchievement: Water GunAchievement: HereticAchievement: Religious FervorAchievement: High TideAchievement: Trag the MightyAchievement: The Hunt is On!Achievement: Hungry Hungry GoralAchievement: PerfectionAchievement: Damage ControlAchievement: Self ContainmentAchievement: Split PersonalityAchievement: Ardent DefenderAchievement: Mana DrainAchievement: Pillars of SuccessAchievement: You're Doing It WrongAchievement: Master of the PillarsAchievement: Silent DisruptionAchievement: Silent KillerAchievement: HarmoniousAchievement: InstrumentalAchievement: Stop Yelling at Me!Achievement: Just, Die Already!Achievement: Exit, Stage RightAchievement: Jerinos Wins AgainAchievement: Color CoordinatedAchievement: Clear the RoofAchievement: Erillion BlitzAchievement: Exterminate, Annihilate, DestroyAchievement: Barrier-BreakersAchievement: Touched By A GuardianAchievement: Healthy RelicsAchievement: Destruction of AvatarsAchievement: Divine CharmAchievement: Hero's Forge - Beryl Hero's Forge ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Ebon Hero's Forge ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Bloodforged ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Noble ChainAchievement: God LearnerAchievement: Hunter of Zeixshi-Kar's AwakeningAchievement: Hunter of Crystal Caverns, Fragment of FearAchievement: Hunter of the Breeding GroundsAchievement: Hunter of Chapterhouse of the FallenAchievement: FuzzyfeetAchievement: A Clockwork GnomeAchievement: Get StupidAchievement: Bat Country!Achievement: Rat KillerAchievement: It Stinks!Achievement: BunnyslayerAchievement: BeetlemaniaAchievement: Shoo Fly!Achievement: Get the Broom!Achievement: A Web of LiesAchievement: Fury of SorizAchievement: Snake in the GrassAchievement: A Bone to Pick With YouAchievement: Round of ApplauseAchievement: Ghosts of Frostfells PastAchievement: New TricksAchievement: Got your Tongue?Achievement: Plenty of Fish In the Sea.Achievement: Why so crabby?Achievement: Orc Weapons, Your Blood Will Spill!Achievement: New FrontiersAchievement: The More You Gnoll!Achievement: World Warrens ThreeAchievement: A Fallen EmpireAchievement: You can call me AlaranAchievement: Re-ExtinctionAchievement: I Said Argyle!Achievement: You Keep Dragon Me Into ThisAchievement: A Small Giant ProblemAchievement: FairicideAchievement: Self CentauredAchievement: You're FaunnyAchievement: Amazing!Achievement: No VacancyAchievement: PuzzlingAchievement: My Golden BootsAchievement: Imp-atientAchievement: ElementaryAchievement: Terrorible TentaclesAchievement: You Look LovelyAchievement: What Keeps Manking Alive?

Updated Recipes: Ice Cream ChurnElegant Crystalwing SleevesElaborate Crystalwing ArmbandElegant Crystalwing BootsElegant Crystalscale CuirassIntricate Crystalscale ArmbandIntricate Crystalscale GreavesStalwart Crystalwing Gloves

Updated Bestiary: a Mucktail guard dogAlpha NaeyaGalrok the ColdNightmaneSemkak Prophet of VallonCompanion of the DeadXolok the Blindan ornate chest (Kael Drakkel raid)Lesser Vessel of the PhantasmThe Spoils of Murdera Chateau defendera guard selyraha palace scouta sewer magePulq the Beastmastera wretched huntera necromancer apprenticea necromancer initiatea necromancer neophytea polluted water elemental


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