December 26, 2012

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Polymorph Wand: Centaur WarriorBurden of TruthBoreal Boots of the WardenDistorted Gloves of the ConjurorDecorative Armor StandBurden of Truth

New Recipes: Boreal Boots of the WardenScorched Plate Belt TemplateScorched Plate Helm TemplateScorched Plate Pauldron TemplateScorched Plate Gauntlet TemplateScorched Plate Vambrace Template

New Achievements: Achievement: Dem BonesAchievement: Smite Makes RightAchievement: Unfinished BusinessAchievement: Down to the Last DwarfAchievement: Coldain's Last StandAchievement: Crystal TchotchkesAchievement: Gross PopsiclesAchievement: Hairy and ScaryAchievement: Heralds of WarAchievement: Gildorn: Madman or Visionary?Achievement: Glimpses of NightmareAchievement: It Attracts All KindsAchievement: Weapons of WarAchievement: Nature is WeirdAchievement: Gnomish GizmosAchievement: Icky, Sticky, and SquishyAchievement: Nature's Corrupted CandyAchievement: Remnants of a Lost LifeAchievement: This Little PiggyAchievement: Delicious MeatsAchievement: Dirty RoboticsAchievement: One Pig's TrashAchievement: Resilient NatureAchievement: Chilling with the GiantsAchievement: 101 Ways to Keep Your Chin WarmAchievement: A Faerie Fun PartyAchievement: Icy ArtifactsAchievement: Prime PredatorsAchievement: Eye Won!Achievement: Gelatinous GeometryAchievement: Mementos of the FallenAchievement: Minotaur WarfareAchievement: Unrestrained Science

Updated Items: Chunk of Alaran FleshBelt of the Expansive MindTranscendent Book of Ogre CultureEternity BandNefori's TearsGalrok's Deceitful ResolveScroll: Ward of the MastermindDistorting Crystal GrimaceAnimal FearboneDistorted Gloves of the ConjurorPlanar GooCoalescent SoulstoneHalfling BrainScroll: Iceflame Eminence Rk. IIScroll: Magmatic Veil Rk. IIScroll: Rain of Scythes Rk. IIScroll: Circle of Flameskin Rk. IIScroll: Broiling Blast Rk. IIFear Touched TunicFear FruitElaborate Sapphire Building CubeShield of the Mastrum OrnamentGoblin Diary, Page 3Goblin Diary, Page 2Goblin Diary, Page 1Xril'et Log, Page 9Xril'et Log, Page 15Xril'et Log, Page 22Xril'et Log, Page 30Xril'et Log, Page 37Xril'et Log, Page 45Pouch of SpicesNose RingLeather War HarnessLarge Double-bladed AxeHalfling LegEnchanted BladeBroken HornBottle of Swirling AirBloody CleaverSmoking PipeMagnifying GlassLeaf-shaped ClaspFrying PanDark CloakChipped ShieldChainmailCalm PaintingBackpack Stuffed with VegetablesFrying PanTorchLeaf-shaped ClaspSmoking PipeChipped ShieldMagnifying GlassDark CloakGelatinous CylinderGelatinous HexagramGelatinous LemniscateGelatinous SphereGelatinous ParallelogramGelatinous SquareGelatinous TriangleGelatinous TrapezoidGelatinous ArbelosGelatinous LoopWolf PawMelted SwordKedge Dorsal FinHalfling HelmetDragonscale BracersDaemonic HeartColdain Head on a PikeCircle of TeethWell-maintained CageTransmuted CoinTen-pint MugSnowflake CrestSmelly BracerMetal Chain CollarGemmed HelmetFrigid BladeCrystal CutterWrapping AntennaeTorn WingShimmering CorkPouch of Used Faerie DustPile of Tiny LeavesParty CrasherMakeshift DiceFloating RockFaerie ShirtWise Man DraggerPatchy MessNeck BeardMutton ChopsGoateeDouble TailCurly MustacheChin CurtainRoyal Rescue PauldronsWater LilySmelly MushroomsBlueberriesFly TrapSaplingPalm FrondAppleWildflowersMuffin ScrapsForeign CurrencyCreepy DollBroken Water PistolBlanketsBoxExtra BootRusty ScimitarLever and PulleyPressure GaugeMetal JawHydraulic BootsGoopy CoreClampsStray BoltSheet MetalThe Whole Darn ThingRibsBaconFatbackLoinSausagePork ChopHamSmelly NoseringWithered FlowersTales of the RighteousWrapped MirrorKneepadWar PaintSacrificial KnifeWine SackBeautiful TalismanPurple Evantil LeafSmall Evantil TwigGreen Evantil LeafLarge Evantil TwigTwisted Evantil TwigCorrupted Evantil FruitFresh Evantil FruitBent Evantil TwigWaspSnake EggSlippery SalamanderRoly PolyOversized AntMillipedeFrog LegsDripping EyeCrimson MothCricketConfusing SpiderCentipedeWater PacketScrap HeapMini Welding TorchInventor's HandbookHandful of ScrewsGrass TrimmerEight-sided ScrewdriverComplex CubeBouncy SpringA Tiny GearA Model AirplanePoisoned AppleMassive AxeIce BowHound's WhistleHelmet SpikeCrested ShieldCooking PotBone SpearSelf-made ShivWalrus TuskUlthark TuskSnow Bunny FootSea ShellRhino WoolManticore SpikeKodiak ClawGriffon FeatherVanishing ScarecrowThe HoleSevered HandPeople-eaterLost FetishInvisible OneDark HorseWatcherYngaln the Frozen's PropagandaTain Hammerfrost's Log, Page 33Gildorn's Log, Page 79Gildorn's Log, Page 46Gildorn's Log, Page 23Galrok the Cold's ChestFirbrand the Black's LogBoridain Glacierbane's Log, Page 28War PlansUnnaturally Strong WebSilky BraShimmering EyeballSharp WebbingDrowned SpiderCrystal LegCotton CandyCocooned ArmorBloated AbdomenRuby RedRoot Bee RocketRat on a StickPure IcePack of MarblesFish SkeletonsicleBeardpopJust the StickTrapped SparkSee-through AxeSpoonPretty FlowerPickaxeFluffy AnimalCrystalline BookAction KrolgUnsigned NoteMenuGuard Report, Unknown DateGuard Report, Day 142Fishing Report, Day 154Fishing Report, Day 79Captain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 906Captain Dunstan Coldheart's Journal, Day 912Whispering BandWet RopeUnlocked ShacklesStolen TombstoneSmall Statue of Erollisi MarrRusted ShieldOne Last GemDiamond RingConcrete BlockSibling StabbersPriest Confession #3Priest Confession #2Priest Confession #1Memory's BeadsHatebaneBlessed MaceGolden ArrowRustling SkullPinky ToePile of KnucklesHuman FemurHalfling SkullDusty PelvisCracked Rib CageAnkle Bone

Updated Quests: Shaman Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestShard's #3: Unusual Goral CoralShard's #4: The Harbingers of ThuleShard's #5: Conquering Your FearsShard's #6: The BelieversConfronting Your FearsThe Rise of the AncientsROF Rank II Level 99 Spells: Greater Dreadmote

Updated Bestiary: A Disciple of LuclinBanescale SerpentVilefeasterNeforiVelishana calculating overseera ruthless overseera worntooth grendlaena treasure chesta stalag terrorTrooper PejhayorKelmur the Quartermastera decomposing massa putrid massa chest (The Rise of the Ancients)


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