PST #107

Tells were sent

Hi Lore! Thanks for coming back for a new episode, always a pleasure. This week, PST #107, dealing with a final-tier nerf to MoP, making guilds stand out, and the game without gems, enchants, and reforging!

This week:

  • 0:19 - Will we see another final-tier nerf in MoP?
  • 8:36 - Should Blizzard add a "Random LFR" feature?
  • 13:16 - How can I make my guild stand out when recruiting?
  • 21:22 - Would having a dedicated observer in a spectator mode really be a bad thing?
  • 26:54 - What's the difference between DPS and Damage Done on the meters?
  • 34:07 - How do you feel about items unique to the BMAH, like the Sun Lute?
  • 37:05 - What would the game be like if there were no gems, enchants, or reforging?
  • 42:48 - How can I decide who to give our Blood Spirits to?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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