MWO Pilot Safety Guide

The Penny Arcade lends their talents to keep you safe on the battlefield!

Those Penny Arcade guys are always looking out for us gamers, but  now they've taken it to a whole new level with the release of nothing less than the "Definitive and Esteemed MechWarrior Online Guide to Ultimate Victory." Damn straight.

This helpful brochure for aspiring mech pilots provides useful first-timer tips on everything from targeting to resource management to maneuvering to tactics. As you might expect from the Penny Arcade, it's nicely illustrated, clear and concise. Unlike the instructions that came with the air hockey table I'll be putting together this weekend.

With the release of this safety guide, there's no better time to grab your mech and head to the battlefield, so Piranha Games is enticing pilots with a 100% Premium Time bonus, which nets you 50% Gained XP and 50% C-Bill boosts.

You can check out the guide and redeem your Premium Time bonus over on the official MechWarrior Online site. Look alive, solider!


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