We Wish You a Merry Wintersday

...and a Happy New Year! Schedule of what's to come in GW2's Holiday Content.

During the holiday season, ArenaNet is keeping with its tradition of delivering tons of content all without a subscription fee. Kicking off today is the next big content patch for Guild Wars 2 which brings the holiday cheer to Tyria in the form of Wintersday, but not everything is happening on the first day.

Friday, December 14th:

  • Holiday decorations go up in Lion's Arch
  • Winter Wonderland Jumping Puzzle -- Talk to the Festive Youth next to the snow globe in Lion's Arch to start jumping. (ZAM not responsible for any broken legs, down states, or deaths due to falling.)
  • Snowball Mayhem -- Snowball Fight PvP mini-game. Talk to the Festive Lionguard next to the snow globe in Lion's Arch to join in. (Jarimor totally responsible for everything.)
  • Bell Choir -- Musical activity mini-game. Speak to the Bell Maestro outside the snow globe in Lion's Arch to participate.
  • and "Presents falling from the sky" that players can grab

Everything that kicks off on Friday, Dec. 14th will remain accessible until the end of Wintersday on January 3rd, 2013.

The host for this year's Wintersday festivities in Lion's Arch is the Toymaker Tixx, but before going to Lion's Arch he is making a stop in each of the other main cities. Each day at 10:00 am Pacific Time (7:00 PM CET) Tixx will arrive in the next major city in his gigantic flying toy factory. In each city players will be able to participate in a new and different event in the airship which rewards a unique toy at each location.

  • Saturday, December 15th: The Grove
  • Sunday, December 16th: Divinity's Reach
  • Monday, December 17th: Black Citadel
  • Tuesday, December 18th: Hoelbrak
  • Wednesday: December 19th: Rata Sum

Thursday, December 20th:

Finally, Tixx and his airship will arive in Lion's Arch for the finale event Toypocalypse. You will also be able to play through any of the previous days' events in case you missed them or just want to play them again. To top it all of there will be special reward for players just for talking with Tixx (no event participation required). Tixx will remain in his airship until the end of Wintersday on Thursday, January 3rd, which gives players a full two weeks to talk to him and gain his special reward.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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