EVE Fanfest 2013

Early-bird tickets and travel info now available

If you needed that one last reason to convince yourself to take a trip to Iceland, here it is.

CCP has announced that early-bird tickets have gone on sale for their annual EVE Fanfest, held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Think of it as the opposite of Blizzcon in every way imaginable. 

This is likely going to be a big one, too. After all, EVE Online launched in 2003, and 2013 will mark 10 years of adventure in New Eden. Among the other events, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra will be on hand to "perform your EVE favorites." That alone would be worth the trip.

They've launched a spiffy new website for the event, giving insight to the various presentations and information fans will get first-hand from developers, as well as the legendary PvP tournament, not to mention the parties. And if you've never been to a CCP party, well, I suggest you find a way. 

The site also details travel and loding information, which is pretty critical if you're thinking of making a trip to Iceland for the first time. Though, I understand the roving viking problem is now under control.

Fanfest tends to sell out, so if you're planning on going, head over to grab your tickets as soon as you can. Or maybe put them on your wish list for Santa to bring.


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