Wintersday Is Upon Us!

The escapades of Toymaker Tixx are about to be unleashed in Tyria!

Another month, another content patch for Guild Wars 2. But this isn't just any content patch, you know. It's the merriest and snowiest patch of the year - Wintersday!

Wintersday is the long-standing Tyrian holiday that celebrates the wonders of winter, the spirit of giving, and the turning of the new year. Conveniently for ArenaNet, these Tyrian dates coincide perfectly with our own for these very same purposes. They really lucked out, huh?

What can we look forward to this Wintersday? Well, the teaser video released yesterday gave us a good indication, but now we have details. And glorious they are!

The central focus of this year's Wintersday is the arrival of Toymaker Tixx. The Asuran toymaker and his golem companion Toxx will travel throughout Tyria in his floating workshop, visiting all of the cities and spreading cheer near and far.  The Toymaster kicks off his Tyrian tour on December 15th with a visit to The Grove (the sylvari are the children of Tyria, after all.) He then moves on to Divinity's Reach on the 16th, Black Citadel (17th), Hoelbrak (18th), his home-land Rata Sum on the 19th and then, finally, his big arrival in Lion's Arch on December 20th, where he and Toxx will spend the rest of the holiday season.

Beyond catching up with Toymaker Tixx, there are several new winter activities to enjoy:

  • Snowball Mayhem - a brand-new snowball fight PvP mini-game
  • Bell Choir - Not sure what this is, but it takes place inside of a snow globe, so it has to be good
  • Winter Wonderland - A fantastical new jumping puzzle that we caught a glimpse of in the teaser video

But of course, this is Tyria, and if something can go wrong, it will. While Toymaster Tixx is a master of his craft, he is not without fault (even though he will tell you otherwise.) As a matter of fact, the toys in his workshop have gone bonkers and are turning against him, trying to take over the magical toy-making machine that powers the whole workshop! Guess who has to stop them?

And what would the holidays be without a little shopping? The Black Lion Trading company will have their very own doorbusters through several new seasonal offerings such as festive town clothing and wintery weapon skins. 

Now that, folks, is a content patch! It all kicks off December 14th -- that's this Friday -- so make sure you're all patched up and ready to head to Tyria - there's a lot of cheer to be had!

Head on over to for more details.


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