GW2: Wintersday Teaser Trailer

ArenaNet releases a short trailer teasing the December and holiday update.

The Guild Wars 2 December content patch is four days away and ArenaNet is still teasing us. A couple weeks ago they released the teaser page for the patch which didn't tell us much other than the patch's release date. The trailer released today doesn't tell us much more, but gives an early look at what to expect Tyria to look like in the holidays.

In the trailer you can see a snow covered and holiday decorated Lion's Arch and what looks like a new town clothes set:


While the trailer does not give much away, Habib Loew listed in a post on the official forums some of the changes coming to WvW along with the content patch.

  • Advance notification of new builds -- A server announcement will give a much earlier warning of a new build to allow planning for the impending disconnect.
  • Alt + F4 no more -- Alt + F4 will instantly kill the player and give loot and experience to the attackers to prevent cowardly abuse.
  • No more insta-build walls & gates -- After a wall or gate is destroyed, the wall or gate will not instantly reappear with the first repair. Instead the defenders will need to repair the target section up to 10% before the hole is closed up again.
  • Breakout Events -- This special event chain will trigger if any side loses all defensive structures on a map (not including supply camps):

Break Out Events are special WvW events that will happen when a team has lost control of all defensive structures, not counting supply camps. An NPC commander will appear in the team’s start area and an event will start that prompts players to gather around. Once enough players are in the commander’s presence he will summon his trusty dolyak to give all allies in the area full supply. He will then lead the charge to the nearby objective and give players protection and assist with building siege to assault the objective with. Those benefits, along with a defensive boon that he applies to all nearby allies, makes the attacking players a force to be reckoned with. Defenders will have their work cut out for them, as once the gate or wall piece is destroyed the commander will move to the tower lord inside and attack anyone in his path.

This is only the beginning of big changes coming to WvW, as it has already been said that the February content patch will have a large update for WvW.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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