Brawler's Guild Guide

Wowhead has everything you need to know about this exclusive new club

If you haven't heard, Blizzard's new Brawler's Guild in World of Warcraft is a lot like Fight Club -- an exclusive invite-only club that operates very secretively that members are not supposed to talk about.

But you know the one thing Fight Club was missing? A guide. Poor Ed Norton had to figure his own way through the whole mess. Well, thanks to Wowhead, you won't have to be quite so clueless headed into your first Brawler's Guild match!

In another one of her intensely thorough and brilliant guides, Perculia covers everything from how to get into the Brawler's Guild to the bosses you'll fight and, of course, the rewards you can earn.

While I haven't been able to check out the Horde Brawler's Guild arena, the Alliance version is very cool. It's hidden in Stormwind in the Deeprun Tram and feels a lot like a seedy cantina from Star Wars. You might even get into a brawl yourself with one of the patrons if you're not careful! 

Remember, even if you're not in the Brawler's Guild, you can still go there to watch the matches and cheer on your friends - it's a spectator sport!

Head on over to Wowhead for the guide when you think you'e ready to head into the seedy underworld that is the Brawler's Guild.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard



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