WildStar Wednesday: Exiles United

Desperation turns to hope as a new home is found

Over the last couple months, we've discovered the various reasons WildStar's Exiles hate the Dominion. The younger Granok fought the Dominion off, but at the cost of exile from their own people. When the Dominion drew weapons on their own people, a brave Human led a resistance to fight back against the oppressors and allow his fellow rebels to escape, but now he lies in cryostasis after wounds suffered in battle. The Aurin were a peaceful race with no contact with the Dominion, but a chance encounter with the fleeing rebels and a friendly exchange of goods with the visitors led to the ravaging of their homeworld for merely associating with the enemy. Now in this week's WildStar Wednesday, Lead Narrative Designer Chad "Pappy" Moore finishes the origin story of the Exiles by showing how these three races came together as one faction in the war for Nexus.

I could summarize this week's entry and put it here, but Chad's story summary deserves to be read in its entirety, so head over to the WildStar blog and find out for yourselves. I was already leaning towards playing an Exile just because I'm a sucker for a good guy and this story is just making me want it more. The question is: how will Carbine follow up this story? Are the Dominion really this overwhelmingly evil or is there a kernel of sanity behind the "mwahahahaha!" front they put up? Hopefully as we close in on 2013, we'll learn more about WildStar's other half.

Michael "Ragar" Branham

Tags: News, Wildstar


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