Wowhead Talks To Dave Kosak

Wowhead sits down for an exclusive interview with Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak

Wowhead is at it again. This time, they're bringing the awesome with an exclusive interview with Blizzard's Dave Kosak, Lead Quest Designer on World of Warcraft.

In the lengthy and thorough interview, everything from dailies to scenarios to the Brawler's Guild. In regards to the WoW's fight club, Kosak had this to say in regards to the reasoning behind the social aspects of its design: 

"As for the spectator mode, what we really wanted to get back in the game is impromptu community stuff. Certainly in Cataclysm there was a movement in the game where everyone would hang around the capital cities and only queue for dungeons. There wasn't a lot much going on. We wanted to find a way to bring people together and have them observe stuff and talk about it and be social, in the same way that say…if you go to Orgrimmar on a given server on any night, there's a ton of duels going on. It's the agreed-upon place where you go to duel and be watched. We wanted to replicate that atmosphere -- you to go this place, there's something going on, a little community has gathered around to watch."

Also, it wouldn't be Wowhead if they didn't ask a tough question or two, and to that end, inquired about the recently delayed Warlock quest:

It will definitely happen. We love class-based quests, but we also want to feel that they should be cool. They should play off class mechanics and class themes. One of my jobs is to schedule everyone's time across all patches and expansions, and it does take a considerable amount of time to do something really cool like heroic legendary quests. If we did quests for every class, that would be a huge time commitment. We've backed down a little with class-specific quests, but if we have cool ideas, we'll squeeze in class specific quests or areas like the Peak of Serenity.

There's much, much more goodness to be had, so click on over to Wowhead for the full read. Your alts will thank you.

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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