Fractals of the Mist Fix Coming For GW2

Just a bit game-breaking.

Guild Wars 2 has had a pretty crippling bug lately - the Fractals of the Mist dungeon is kind of broken. If you are disconnected from the dungeon, it's impossible to get back in with the game group so long as the dungeon is in progress. That'd be pretty annoying if you have a short power outage, or your cat closes the program, or if you're a Comcast customer. But, a fix is coming in "at least a week and a half."

We’ve got people working specifically on this issue, it has turned out to be much more complicated due to the way fractals are implemented than we hoped. We’ll have a fix for this soon as it’s tested enough we think it’s clearly solved and doesn’t cause any other issues.

Phew! Thank you, ArenaNet.

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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