PST Upgrades To Twice Weekly Schedule

More Lore for your uh, dollar

Mr. Lore has been at the grindstone for what feels like forever, pushing out more Q+A sessions (especially in his 100th episode). And now he's going to be upping the ante with twice weekly updates, with PST on Monday and Friday and his Weekly Marmot right in the middle. The idea is more that he's going to answer rapid-fire questions rather than long, more thorough episodes. Which means even more PST for everyone!

This week:

3:32 - How will the Valor upgrade system affect entry into future tiers?

9:48 - Wouldn't a spectator mode open the game up to cheating?

13:29 - Why don't we see any PvP dailies?

18:59 - Do the recent updates to scenario rewards make them worth doing?

24:57 - Will we see rings, necks, etc. with gem slots in MoP?

30:17 - Would server mergers have been better than cross-realm zones?

35:37 - Why did Blizzard remove the indicator telling you how many bosses were killed in your LFR queue?

40:47 - How do I handle loot for offspec raiders in 10mans?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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