EVE Online Inducted To Modern Art Museum

Beauty of New Eden lauded as new launch trailer for Retribution arrives.

When you deal with games that are considered art, obvious ones pop up. Another World is a favorite of mine, possibly the definition of an artistically gorgeous game rendered decades ago, or a game like Katamari Damacy, which is just so unique it deserves it, or Tetris, which is Tetris. These all made it onto this new list, but MMORPGs are frequently overlooked.

Not by the Museum of Modern Art.

EVE Online has been accepted into their gallery, and will make an appearance in March next year, at Philip Johnson Galleries. It might seem like an odd choice when so many other games are, say, more univerally knownbut remember that in EVE, no matter what happens, there's always something worth talking about.

Nuking the first battleship? A massively expensive destroyed ship? A huge conspiracy that destroys the biggest corporation in the game? These make headline news on gaming sites. That's reason enough for me.

The induction into MoMA comes just before tomorrow's launch of EVE Online's latest expansion: Retribution. IGN have the launch trailer in anticipation of the latest addition to the world's most intense excuse for virtual skullduggery. Head on over to sample the sumptuous art of New Eden.

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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